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Announcing Oh Baby Pregnancy Planner – the BEST for New Moms!

Let’s face it. Pregnancy is HARD. That morning sickness makes eating a joke, and NOTHING sounds good. Enter the second trimester, and it starts to feel a little less painful (for most of us), but not for long. The problems of the third trimester (swollen feet/hands, acid reflux, sleep problems, pelvic pain, #allthethings) remind you […]

EP8: A Vaginal/Breech Twin Delivery with Emmie!

WELCOME TO THE MOMMY LABOR NURSE PODCAST! In this episode, Emmie shares her vaginal delivery of her twins!  Emmie’s Birth Story: Ellie and Josie’s birth story began on August 1, 2018 1:30 pm. I was sitting in my living room writing thank you notes. I got up to use the restroom, and before I could […]

The BEST Pregnancy Nutrition Books

If you’re looking for the best pregnancy nutrition books, you’ve probably found it’s actually kind of hard to find. There aren’t many resources out there, which is why I decided to review the BEST pregnancy nutrition books. When deciding how to review these, I paid close attention to the experience and authority of the book […]

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