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Everything You Need to Know About Pelvic Pain During Pregnancy (Right Now!)

Hey there, mommas. If you’ve tuned in on this one, I’m guessing you’re probably hurting right now. Or at least you have been. I’m here to tell you that pelvic pain during pregnancy is certainly (or at least not usually) a laughing matter. There are certainly those moments where we HAVE to laugh at ourselves. Aaand […]

The Ultimate List of DIY Pregnancy Tests – Do they work or not?

Hey there, momma! I’m sure you’ve seen it all out there, and if you’re currently wondering if you’re pregnant, you might even have TRIED IT. Finding an answer to whether or not DIY pregnancy tests work can be really maddening. What ISN’T said is soooo lost in the weeds against what IS said. Again. And […]

Should You Have An Early Pregnancy Scan?

Every expecting woman encounters some very common fears and questions, and one of these is whether or not to have an early pregnancy scan. Because a first trimester scan doesn’t give us a whole lot to see, some clinicians may not be inclined to provide one as early as you want. So should you have […]

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