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Have A Better Birth After Taking Birth it Up! :)

In this episode, my friend Cierra shares her traumatic birth experience with her first, and her amazing, empowered birth experience with her second after taking Birth it Up! Cierra’s Birth Story: After having a traumatic 1st birth of her son, Cierra wanted to have a different experience with the birth of her daughter. Switching providers […]

EP17: How to Have An Easier Labor! – Interview with Gail Tully from Spinning Babies®

Sign up for my email list below, to receive updates on my prenatal courses! https://mommylabornurse.com/hey-instagram-mama/ In this episode, I interview my friend Gail, the founder of Spinning Babies®! Here are the questions we go over! 1. How did you start Spinning Babies?2. Ample fetal positioning (specifically, that head-down is not enough), and creating room in […]

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