Have an even better birth.

Online classes and resources to help you feel
prepared and in control — no matter how you deliver.


Of course you’re nervous.

As your due date gets closer, so do all those nagging what-ifs:

  • What if I can’t handle the pain?
  • What if things don’t go as planned?
  • What if I tear?
  • OMG what if I poop? (Girl, you probably will – and it’s totally okay.)

You don’t have to just cross your fingers and hope for the best! Our online birthing classes will help eliminate every what-if so you can feel completely at ease on your big day.

Erase the unknowns.

Over half of all pregnant mamas are anxious about birth.

But it doesn’t have to be like that for you!

Research tells us that mamas who receive childbirth education:

Have less fear and more confidence about the birth process

Decrease their risk of unplanned C-sections, inductions, tearing, and other medical interventions

Have more positive birth experiences and fewer instances of postpartum depression and anxiety


Birthing classes for every mama.

Everything in your hospital’s childbirth class – plus so. much. more. Because at Mommy Labor Nurse, we believe every woman deserves to have the knowledge and tools necessary for a positive birth experience – no matter how she delivers.

Natural Birth Class

Eliminate the what-ifs and feel strong and ready for your unmedicated birth.

Start here if birthing without an epidural is your goal!

Epidural Birth Class

Let go of fear and feel fully prepared for (and unafraid of!) your epidural birth.

Start here if you know you want that epidural – or you’re not sure what your birth goals are!

C-Section Birth Class

Release anxiety and gain a sense of control for your C-section birth.

Start here if you have a planned C-section on the horizon. You deserve birth education too!

Liesel Teen, BSN, RN
Founder, Mommy Labor Nurse


Your birth class might be covered!

It’s my goal to get the word out about HSA and health insurance coverage of childbirth education!

While this is not a universal benefit (yet!) more and more states are enacting policy that requires coverage of birth education – and we love to see it!!

Because coverage varies so widely from state to state and plan to plan, the very best thing you can do is call the number on the back of your card and ask about your eligibility today!

You’ve got this, mama!

You shouldn’t have to navigate labor and delivery on the fly.

Get the knowledge and encouragement you need to feel more confident and in control starting today.

1. Choose a class.

Your purchase is backed by our 30-day money-back guarantee. The only thing you have to lose is uncertainty.

2. Erase the unknowns.

Get straightforward information and game-changing tips from a labor and delivery nurse who has seen everything.

3. Have an even better birth.

Know what to expect, be ready to pivot your plans if you need to, and feel like the rockstar you are!

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Veteran moms, have you had plans around your birth that you juuuuuust couldn’t make?! 🙃 And were you glad you weren’t able to?? 🤣
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🤔 If I’m going to tear anyway...shouldn’t I just let my provider cut an episiotomy?

NO! But Let’s talk about it:

👉 Imagine your perineal skin as a sturdy piece of fabric. It can take quite a pull without tearing, right? But make a small cut, and you’ll see how easily it unravels!

Same deal with episiotomies – if not done right and with perineal support, they can lead to a much more severe tear.

When we tear naturally, it’s like a jagged line that tends to heal well. But with an episiotomy, it’s a clean surgical cut – picture two straight edges trying to heal!

👉 Here’s the deal: Episiotomies are necessary when they’re needed to save a baby’s life. But apart from that, our bodies usually know how to handle things!

What questions do you have? 👇
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Via @pregnancyjourney_⁠
Source @chelseamonamour
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The struggles and wait are SO worth it. 

Gimme a double tap if you agree too ❤️ and tag a pregnant mama friend below who you think needs to hear this!!⁠
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🙄 Here are a few I've heard:⁠
"Sleep when the baby sleeps!"⁠
"Holding them for too long may spoil them!"⁠
"Put some baby rice in their bottle to make them sleep!"⁠
"Just let them cry!"⁠
Any others you've been told?? 👇
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👇 Comment #postpartum and I’ll send ya my FREE Postpartum Essentials Checklist! 

I made these fun starter packs years ago and you guys loved them!! What other “starter packs” can you think of? 😂👏🏻
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Let’s talk pushing tips!!⁣⁠
Alright mama, I’ve done some posts about pushing positions and different pushing methods, but never straight up pushing TIPS. So let’s do it.⁣⁠
✅ Push as if you’re having a bowel movement. Yep! If you’ve heard this before, it’s true! And if you do poop during the whole ordeal, DO NOT STRESS IT. Your nurse will be sneaky and swift with cleaning it up, and we do not care.⁣⁠
✅ Tuck your chin to your chest. This is a little trick I always coach mamas on when I’m their nurse. It helps so much!⁣⁠
✅ Give it all you’ve got. Make it count girl, and remember you do get little mini-breaks between the peaks.⁣⁠
✅ Stay focused and relax your other limbs. Eye on the prize! Sometimes mamas like the idea of a mirror to see the progress. It helps to keep them focused and motivated.⁣⁠
✅ Change positions. If you’re not making progress, switch it up! Sometimes mamas intuitively want to change positions, other times we L&D nurses might make a suggestion.⁣⁠
✅ Trust your instincts and push at the peaks. Again, sometimes your body will intuitively know when you should push, but if you don’t (or if you have an epidural in place!) your nurse/provider can help you time it with the peaks for maximum effectiveness.⁣⁠
✅ Rest between contractions. THIS! Try to take some deep breaths, regain composure a bit, and get ready to give it your all at the next peak.⁣⁠
💕 This is just one thing I have a WHOLE section on - and a lot more info on - in my birth classes! If you’re currently in the late second or third trimester, go check ‘em out, mama! ⁠
How was YOUR pushing experience? Any other tips? Tag a mama that’s due soon! 🥰
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Agree? 👇👇⁠
Follow @mommy.labornurse for pregnancy and birth info, tips, solidarity, and more!
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The truth is...

Birth is unpredictable. Anything can happen.

🔑 But knowledge is the key to unlocking a positive experience and reducing your risk of birth trauma, no matter how it all goes down.
So follow along and start learning as much as you can, mama!⁣
Veteran moms...do you agree?
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Epidurals! 💉 ⁣⁠
It can be REALLY hard to stay still like this while you’re in labor, but we try and make the process go as quickly as possible! ⁣⁠
1️⃣ Okay, first off, you’ll need to have your back curled as best you can. Try to curl as much as possible around your baby and push the middle of your back OUT (like a shrimp! 🍤)⁣⁠
2️⃣ Next, curl your head down so your chin is touching your chest (or almost touching your chest). You want that head/neck to be super relaxed!⁣⁠
3️⃣ Make your shoulders and arms as relaxed as possible with your arms laying in front of you (not bracing the bed). Sometimes your nurse will either put a pillow in your lap for your arms to lay on, or she will give you a hug and hold you the whole time you’re getting your epidural to help keep you still!⁣⁠
⌚ There is some prep involved BEFORE the actual procedure, but once a member of the anesthesia team comes in, it’s usually a 10-20 minute process (sometimes not even that long, but sometimes longer if he/she is having trouble with placement) ♥️⁣⁠
Note - some anesthesiologists/CRNAs like for you to lie down during the procedure, but essentially you’d be in this same curled position.⁣⁠
❓ Planning on an epidural? Check out my birth course JUST for epidural mamas! See the link in my bio⁣ 👀⁠
Who here has had one? 🙋‍♀️ I opted out, so I don’t have any personal experience with how it feels, but I’ve assisted with hundreds!!
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🙃 It's the truth!⁣⁠
But there's more to the story than that. ⁣⁠
Even though you don't know how it will unfold you can still TOTALLY prepare!⁣⁠
🎯 Birth education is the single best way to erase the unknowns, prepare for every scenario, and have a positive birth experience no matter how you deliver.⁣⁠
👩🏼‍⚕️👋🏻 And I'm here to be your guide!⁣⁠
Follow @mommy.labornurse for lots of pregnancy and birth education, tips, solidarity, and more!! 💗💗💗
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