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My Favorite Baby Registry Items (as a Labor & Delivery Nurse!)

No one meets as many mommies-to-be and newborn noobies as a labor and delivery nurse. On a busy day, a labor and delivery nurse may not have lots of time to chat about their patients’ favorite baby registry items, but we always care and I always like to ask. The stories our patients share as […]

EP22: Let’s Talk About Postpartum Depression

In this episode, my friend Mallory shares her experience with postpartum depression and later I do a Q&A answering your questions about it. Here are the questions I go over in the Q&A! What should I do if I need help? What are some of the common treatment methods? Are there certain risk factors? What […]

EP21: Sienna’s Vaginal Breech Birth!

In this episode, my friend Sienna shares her crazy vaginal breech birth and postpartum experience! Sienna’s Birth Story: Phew! How am I going to summarize this? I had a very healthy pregnancy with very normal (annoying) pregnancy symptoms. Morning sickness, exhaustion, and sciatic nerve pain got the best of me most days, but all in […]

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