You CAN have a better pregnancy and birth, and we can help.

Welcome to Mommy Labor Nurse

Where you can gain the knowledge and confidence you need to erase the unknowns of pregnancy and birth, and rock the newborn days like a boss.

As you enter the third trimester, the reality of your upcoming birth often starts to set in. 

But your upcoming birth shouldn’t leave you with feelings of uncertainty or doubt. 

We believe that every mama deserves and can benefit from childbirth education specific to their needs.

Our birth classes will teach you everything you need to feel confident and in control before the big day!

Hey there,I'm Liesel!

Well, Liesel Teen BSN-RN, technically speaking. And I'm so excited you're here!

As a labor and delivery nurse, and mom of two, I have always believed that knowledge is the key to erasing fear and empowering new moms to give birth and care for their newborns with confidence.

Since starting Mommy Labor Nurse in 2017, I've been able to do that for SO many more mamas than I ever could in my role as an L&D nurse alone.

I am proud to say that over 20,000 expecting and new mamas have taken our courses and had a better birth and transition into motherhood because of this community.

And it's mamas just like you that make the MLN community what it is today!

I mean. Just look at these adorable #birthitupbabies!

But it's more than just me that makes the magic happen around here. Meet the MLN team!

Tiffany - BSN, RNC-OB

Chief Operating Officer

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Tiffany Tippin, BSN, RNC-OB is a labor and delivery nurse, wife, and mom of 2. Tiffany has been a registered nurse since 2012, specializing in high-risk obstetric care since 2015. She not only brings her nursing knowledge to Mommy Labor Nurse, but her love for education and advocacy. She has devoted her career to educating and caring for expecting moms, and loves that Mommy Labor Nurse allows her to reach thousands of moms on a daily basis. In her free time, she enjoys golfing and crafting, as well as wrangling her two little boys, who have a one year age difference!


Content Manager

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Alli Wittbold, M.Ed. is a wife, mama, and creative content marketer that brings her experience writing for and connecting with mothers in the pregnancy and postpartum space to her role as Content Manager here at Mommy Labor Nurse. She loves providing expectant and new mothers with the know-how they need to thrive during this transformative time in their lives. When she's not strategizing new and exciting content with the MLN team, you'll find her spending time outside with her family and hilarious dogs.


Executive Assistant

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Jenna Heinzelmann is a business graduate, soon-to-be-wife, and mom of 2 fur babies. Jenna has been Liesel's assistant since 2019 when Mommy Labor Nurse was a one-woman-show and has elevated her abilities in many areas of the business such as graphic design, editing, and tech support. In her free time, she enjoys cooking new recipes, being outdoors with her fiancé, and watching trashy reality TV shows. 

Claire - BSN, RNC-OB

Social Media Specialist

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Claire Walker, BSN, RNC-OB is a labor and delivery nurse, wife, and mom to (soon-to-be) 2 babies and 1 fur baby. Claire has been a registered nurse since 2013, finding her true passion as a labor and delivery nurse in 2015. In addition to her clinical experience and knowledge with high-risk obstetric care, she also brings a fierce passion for educating women to the Mommy Labor Nurse team. In her free time, Claire enjoys spending time with her family, being outdoors, and reading. Along with her husband and 2 1/2 year old daughter, she is anxiously awaiting the arrival of baby number 2 in mid-April.

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