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Hey, I'm Liesel!

I am a labor and delivery nurse, mom, wife and business owner! I started Mommy Labor Nurse in February of 2018 as a way to educate more moms in the online space about birth and postpartum. After having such a fulfilling birth experience at my hospital, I felt that I wanted to educate other moms in hopes that more women feel empowered and educated about motherhood, instead of scared and anxious. I have always had a passion for educating women and thoroughly enjoy spreading knowledge and awareness about what's to come!

What Others Say


Birth It Up: The Natural Series

"I would encourage any mom-to-be to take this course, whether you plan on going natural or not!

The education Liesel shares is extremely useful for all labor and delivery experiences, and I believe all women will approach labor with more assurance after finishing up this series!"


 Tiffany / Second-time Mom


Newborn Basics 101

"I absolutely loved this course! I am a FTM and my due date is just a few weeks away and I loved being able to read through the content! There are SO many basic things I learned in this course that I never would have thought of - like packing extra clothes for me in the diaper bag or that it can take up to 3 weeks for baby to lose their umbilical cord stump! I also LOVE that I can go back and reference this once baby is here! Liesel made me feel so much more confident about bringing baby home. I highly recommend this course, especially to FTMs! "


Kaitlyn / First-time Mom


Baby, We're Home! Now Let's Sleep

"I really enjoyed this course! My first-born was such a great sleeper that I assumed I was ready for baby #2. Not at all! He has been a much more difficult case.

I love that the course gave practical advice along with the explanations for why babies act the way they do. I started trying some of the tips and was shocked at how quickly it helped. Since making the recommended changes, my baby is only waking once at night (5 weeks old), which is a HUGE improvement.

I am going to keep working with him though... I think we could have a full night's sleep soon!! Thank you Andrea and Liesel!!"


Natalie / Second-time Mom

Pregnancy Courses

Are you scared of the unknown when it comes to giving birth? We provide online childbirth classes that educate you about the entire mental and physical processes of labor. 

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Postpartum Courses

Are you scared of the unknown when it comes to caring for your newborn? We provide online newborn classes covering all the basics and sleep. 

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Healthy yet delicious recipes to follow on your pregnancy and breastfeeding journey!

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