Getting Your Birth Class Covered by Insurance or an HSA

3 easy steps to figuring out if you’re eligible and getting reimbursed!

Verify your benefits

Insurance: Call the number on the back of your insurance card and directly ask a representative if your plan covers the cost of childbirth education.

Spending Account: Call your HSA/FSA plan administrator to verify birth class reimbursement and find out what documentation you’ll need to provide.

Purchase your class

Once you’ve got your answer, purchase the Mommy Labor Nurse birth class that’s right for you!

After purchasing, email to request any documentation your insurance company and/or HSA/FSA needs for reimbursement.

Get reimbursed

Submit any required paperwork and documentation to your insurance company/spending account, and wait for your refund!

Coverage and eligibility FAQs

What is a letter of medical necessity (LMN)?

A letter of medical necessity is a document that your healthcare provider can write to explain why you need a particular medical service, like a birth class!

Your insurance company may require an LMN in order for reimbursement. If this is the case, simply ask your provider at your next prenatal appointment. 

Chances are that they are very familiar with this and may even have a template they can use.

What is an itemized receipt?

An itemized receipt is another form of documentation that your insurance company or HSA/FSA will likely ask for in order to reimburse the cost of your birth class.

When you purchase a Mommy Labor Nurse birth class, we will send you an itemized receipt. If you don’t receive one, simply email us at

What is the CPT code for childbirth classes?

CPT codes are used by healthcare providers to describe the type of service provided to a patient, and they allow insurance companies to determine the appropriate reimbursement amount for that service.

The insurance CPT code for childbirth classes is: S9436

What is the diagnosis code for childbirth classes?

A diagnosis code is a code used to identify a patient’s medical condition or disease. Diagnosis codes are typically used by healthcare providers for billing and insurance purposes.

The diagnosis code for childbirth education is: Z32.2

Can I pay for my birth class with my HSA/FSA card directly?

Maybe! But most mamas in the MLN community pay with their own method first and then submit their itemized receipt to their HSA/FSA plan for reimbursement.

It never hurts to try using your HSA/FSA card – and if it is not accepted, know that you can go the reimbursement route.

All Mommy Labor Nurse birth classes are eligible for reimbursement through most HSA/FSA plans!

Facts about insurance coverage of birth classes

  • At least 14 State Medicaid Programs cover the cost of childbirth education* (source)
  • A growing number of states require all insurance companies to provide coverage of childbirth education classes to some degree*
  • Your insurance may cover the entire cost, or they may cover a portion of the cost
  • Insurance coverage of birth classes may be different for first-time moms vs. veteran moms
*Check your state’s policy for more information

Insurance coverage of birth classes varies widely depending on your provider, plan, and state – so it’s always worthwhile to call and find out!

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