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Online Birthing Classes

At Mommy Labor Nurse, we believe you deserve to feel prepared for and in control of your birth experience — no matter how you deliver.

Online Birthing Classes

Get comprehensive birth education and postpartum info plus bonus content that teaches newborn care, partner support, and more!

Birth It Up: The Natural Series

Eliminate the what-ifs and feel strong and ready for your unmedicated birth.

  • Eliminate anxiety and fear about labor and delivery
  • Gain the tools you need to manage your pain – physically and mentally
  • Learn about epidurals, inductions, and C-sections – just in case

Birth It Up: The Epidural Series

Let go of fear and feel fully prepared for your epidural birth.

  • Feel comfortable with the entire epidural procedure
  • Gain the tools you need to manage your pain before your epidural is placed
  • Be excited, not anxious, heading into labor

Birth It Up: The C-Section Series

Release anxiety and gain a sense of control for your C-section birth.

  • Adopt a positive mindset for a better C-section experience
  • Eliminate anxiety and fear about the procedure itself
  • Discover how to make your C-section birth feel less surgical

Not sure if you want to go unmedicated or get that epidural?

Then we recommend enrolling in Birth It Up: The Epidural Series!

You’ll gain the knowledge necessary to overcome the pain of birth physically and mentally AND get an epidural deep dive, just in case that ends up being what’s right for you.