Mommy Labor Nurse

Online Birthing Classes

At Mommy Labor Nurse, we believe you deserve to feel prepared for and in control of your birth experience — no matter how you deliver.

All three MLN birth classes are now sold as a bundle for just $99!

Online Birthing Classes

Get comprehensive birth education and postpartum info plus bonus content that teaches newborn care, partner support, and more!

“What class should I take?” was our #1 FAQ…but with Birth It Up: All Access you don’t have to choose!

Birth It Up: The Natural Series

Eliminate the what-ifs and feel strong and ready for your unmedicated birth.

  • Eliminate anxiety and fear about labor and delivery
  • Gain the tools you need to manage your pain – physically and mentally
  • Learn about epidurals, inductions, and C-sections – just in case

Birth It Up: The Epidural Series

Let go of fear and feel fully prepared for your epidural birth.

  • Feel comfortable with the entire epidural procedure
  • Gain the tools you need to manage your pain before your epidural is placed
  • Be excited, not anxious, heading into labor

Birth It Up: The C-Section Series

Release anxiety and gain a sense of control for your C-section birth.

  • Adopt a positive mindset for a better C-section experience
  • Eliminate anxiety and fear about the procedure itself
  • Discover how to make your C-section birth feel less surgical