Join me for a FREE Prenatal Care Workshop

Making the Most of Your Prenatal Care

An on-demand mini class for pregnant mamas that want to learn exactly what to expect from their prenatal care from week 4 all the way to birth!

Engaging in regular prenatal care is one of the best things you can do!

Research has shown that it reduces your risk of pregnancy complications, helps your provider control existing conditions, and reduces your baby’s risk of health issues.

But often, we go into prenatal care kind of blindly. We know we should do it and go through the motions, but why is it so important? And what does it really entail?

Here, I’ve created your one-stop road map to prenatal care! This way, you can get the most of your appointments and learn what’s to come as your pregnancy progresses.

Inside of this FREE workshop you’ll:

Understand what to expect at every prenatal appointment, and more importantly, why we do those things at every check-in
Find out what questions you should be asking to ensure that you are an active participant in your prenatal care team
Gain insight into what goes down during every appointment from the very first up until your due date (and beyond!)
Learn about all the recommended tests, screenings, and other important milestones associated with your pregnancy and prenatal care
Access the free printable workbook that accompanies this workshop
Know you’re making the most of your prenatal care, and doing what’s best for you and your baby

Liesel Teen, BSN-RN
Founder, Mommy Labor Nurse

Meet Your Instructor

Liesel Teen, BSN-RN

As an L&D nurse, fellow mom, and founder of Mommy Labor Nurse, I see firsthand the positive effect prenatal care has on birth outcomes for both mama and baby.

In this totally FREE Prenatal Care Workshop, I want to uncover the why behind everything we do when it comes to routine prenatal care here in the US so that you feel empowered to ask questions and become an active member of your care team.

You all know that birth is my thing, but having an even better birth starts with high-quality and comprehensive prenatal care.

With this workshop, you’ll gain a sense of control and know exactly what to expect as your pregnancy unfolds.

See you in there!

Access this workshop whenever it’s most convenient for you!

Here at Mommy Labor Nurse, all of our pregnancy and birth resources are available on-demand because we know how hard it is to fit something into your schedule at a certain date and time.

Making the Most of Your Prenatal Care was designed to benefit all pregnant women no matter where you’re at in your journey.

So whether you just got that positive test or you’re due in a few weeks, I can guarantee that you’ll learn something new!

Your enrollment includes:


  • Instant access to the full 40-minute Prenatal Care Workshop
  • Unlimited replays of the workshop for you to revisit as your pregnancy progresses
  • A printable workbook with key ideas from the class, a glossary of tests and important terms, and a guided self-reflection