Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum Come with  A LOT Of Unknowns...


Instant access to all Mommy Labor Nurse Courses + other exclusive content!

Navigate your pregnancy, birth, and newborn journey with CONFIDENCE!

Mama, there’s no doubt about it knowledge = confidence for every stage of motherhood.

As you navigate through this journey, you deserve support and peace of mind for every step of the way! And the All Access Pass is here to help.

  • Stay organized and stress less as you prepare for your baby's arrival with helpful checklists and guides
  • Learn about prenatal nutrition and how to prepare your body for labor during pregnancy
  • Access all three versions of our birth classes to know what to expect for every possible outcome
  • Discover exactly how to care for your newborn before you're in it, and reference back when challenges arise

The Mommy Labor Nurse All Access Pass will give you the sense of control and confidence you deserve for pregnancy, birth, and every aspect of the newborn days - no matter how it all unfolds!

The MLN All Access Pass is for pregnant mamas who:

  • Don't yet know what their birth goals are and want to get educated on all the possible outcomes
  • Know they can benefit from the knowledge and content in all of our classes
  • Want to gain confidence for every aspect of birth and the newborn days
  • Desire additional support resources for pregnancy, birth, and baby
  • Wish they could erase some of their fears and anxieties about childbirth and postpartum

We've helped thousands of other mamas, just like you!

"I've already watched your natural series, and in the process of watching your NB one!

Thank you for making this experience easier. I feel relaxed, more prepared and ready to do this!


"Finally we got to the hospital at 5:24am, my water EXPLODED getting out of the car...I had the baby at 5:28am!!

A natural birth was not my entire intention but I had no choice! Good thing I took the natural class!!"


"You taught me how to push, and I was told by multiple nurses and my doctor that knowing how to push so well saved me from a C-section!

Thank you so much for educating me! 

My experience wasn’t what I expected but thanks to your course I was able to be flexible and felt pretty powerful after my delivery!" 


Gain instant access to all of our video-courses, plus a library of eBooks and other resources.

We know you’re busy and probably aren’t ready for everything inside all at once. That’s why the All Access Pass lets you use what you need, when you need it…all from the comfort of your own home!

What's Inside


  • Pregnancy Cookbook
  • Weekly Pregnancy Journal
  • The Ultimate Guide to Labor and Delivery
  • Breastfeeding Cookbook
  • Breastfeeding Basics
  • Complete eBooks for all 5 video courses

Additional Resources

  • Prenatal Nutrition Checklist
  • Provider Interview Questionnaire
  • Trimester To-Do Lists
  • Baby Registry Checklist
  • Hospital/Birth Center Tour Questionnaire
  • Pediatrician Interview Questionnaire
  • Old Wives’ Tales Worksheet
  • Natural Induction and Birth Plan Tips
  • Traditional Birth Plan Template (Vaginal birth and C-section versions)
  • Visual Birth Plan Template (Vaginal birth and C-section versions)
  • Hospital Bag Checklist
  • Support Person Tips and Tricks
  • Contraction Tips
  • Birth Affirmations
  • Epidural Basics
  • C-Section Basics
  • Birth Story Worksheet
  • Baby Growth Tracker
  • Breastfeeding Tracker

The Mommy Labor Nurse All Access Pass includes:

  • Instant access to all 5 MLN online, video-based birthing and newborn classes
  • Exclusive content including, eBooks, cookbooks, journal pages, guides, and checklists
  • Partner-specific video lessons, guides, and cheat sheets to get them totally prepared
  • Community support inside of private MLN Facebook groups moderated by L&D nurses
  • One-year of on-demand, 24/7 access in one easy to navigate spot


All the answers to your questions about The All Access Pass

Will the All Access pass prepare me for birth AND postpartum?

Yes! In fact, that’s one of the big reasons we created it. With the All Access Pass you can go through all of our different birth classes plus our newborn class for total preparation! The additional eBooks and printable resources also provide support for all three trimesters, birth, newborn care, feeding, and more.

I've got a scheduled induction but also want birth education...is this the right option for me?

100%! We highly recommend the All Access Pass to our induction mamas because it includes access to our mini course, Induction 101 + all three versions of our birth classes! The thing about inductions is that they can be pretty unpredictable, so having access to all the different birth classes is a huge plus. And don’t forget you’ll get the benefit of all the postpartum and newborn care stuff included in the All Access Pass, too!

Is the All Access pass a good fit if I'm not sure what I want out of my birth?

Definitely! If you’re not sure what your birth goals are, or you are someone that will feel more confident once you’re educated on every possible outcome, then there is no better choice than the All Access Pass. You will get tailored classes for every birth outcome (+ induction!) and benefit from the 4 hour video-course, Newborn Basics 101 as well.

Can I still purchase individual courses?

Of course! All of our online birthing and newborn classes are still available to purchase a la carte. These include: Birth It Up: The Natural Series, Birth It Up: The Epidural Series, Birth It Up: The C-Section Series, MLN Mini: Induction 101, Newborn Basics 101

How long do I have access to my All Access Pass?

The MLN All Access Pass is an annual membership that give you access to all MLN courses and exclusive resources for one year from your purchase date.

How can I access my All Access Pass?

You can access all of the video-classes and other resources inside the MLN All Access Pass on your phone, tablet, desktop, laptop, and/or smart TV. All Mommy Labor Nurse classes are housed in the online learning platform Teachable.

What if I'm almost (or already) full term? Is this a good fit for me?

For sure! The MLN All Access Pass includes access to all three versions of our birth classes, our mini course Induction 101, our video-based newborn care class, and tons of checklists, eBooks, and guides to help with breastfeeding, newborn care, and more.

What is the return policy?

We offer a 30-day no questions asked, money back guarantee on all of our products! If you are at all unhappy with the All Access Pass, simply contact [email protected] for a full refund.

Additionally, we know that pregnancy is unpredictable! We will honor refunds outside of the 30-day window on a case-by-case basis to cover extenuating circumstances.

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