Transition Into Motherhood With Confidence And Ease

Gain the knowledge you need to care for your newborn right from the start

Newborn Basics: an online class that prepares you to hit the ground running like a boss

Newborns Don’t Come With A Manual, But This Just Might Be The Closest Thing Possible.

With my first baby things were hard in the newborn days. I seriously struggled with some of the basics of newborn care. Okay, no. I actually felt like I DIDN’T HAVE A CLUE what I was doing.

Honestly, why didn’t anyone tell me to learn how to take care of my baby while I was pregnant?! Here’s the thing, fumbling your way through the newborn fog doesn’t have to be your experience!

  • Everything you need to be more confident parents to your 0-3 month old
  • Education that’s aligned with current American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations
  • Know-how for troubleshooting common obstacles in the newborn days
  • Eliminate some of the anxiety and worry during the first few months

Newborn Basics 101 will take the guesswork out of the early months so that you can focus on bonding your new baby.

Newborn Basics 101 is perfect for:

  • Pregnant mamas that want to get a leg up on the newborn days
  • First time and veteran mamas that want an all-in-one resource for newborn care
  • Expecting parents that want to approach newborn care as a team
  • Parents that are already in the throes of #newbornlife and are looking for a lifeline
  • Mamas that want confidence and support during the early weeks and months

8 video-based lessons to get you totally ready to care for your newborn, all from the comfort of your home.

We know you’re busy. Finding the time to go to an in-person newborn care class with your partner probably feels impossible. And remembering everything they teach miiiight be even harder.

Lesson 1: Welcome

  • Get an overview of everything that will be covered in the course
  • Understand just how important CONFIDENCE is in being a new parent

Lesson 2: General Newborn Information

  • Learn what baby gear and home essentials you actually need
  • Discover what’s normal (and not) in terms of newborn behaviors
  • Get educated about the importance of tummy time and how to do it
  • Understand newborn characteristics to help you better read their cues

Lesson 3: Feeding

  • Learn about baby’s hunger cues and how to tell what they need
  • Get an overview on breastfeeding, pumping AND formula feeding
  • Discover how to properly burp your baby
  • Understand baby gas, spit up, reflux, and signs of dairy allergies

Lesson 4: Diapering and Hygiene

  • Learn the ins and outs of diapering your newborn and caring for their sensitive bottom
  • Gain knowledge on how to properly bathe your newborn and make it a positive experience
  • Learn how to care for their umbilical cord stump
  • Get evidence-based information on circumcision care

Lesson 5: Sleep

  • Understand the realities of newborn sleep
  • Learn how to promote safe sleep and reduce your baby’s risk for SIDS
  • Get tips to promote better sleep
  • Discover the timeline of sleep regressions and mental leaps in baby’s first months
  • Learn specifics related to crying, pacifier-use, and colic

Lesson 6: Health and Safety

  • Get an overview on newborn illnesses including fevers and colds
  • Learn exactly what to do if your baby gets ill in the first few months
  • Understand other elements of baby safety and Shaken baby syndrome
  • Get a primer on car seat safety

Lesson 7: Personal

  • Benefit from information related to your transition into motherhood and postpartum stage
  • Learn about the adjustment to your new normal and parenthood
  • Get tips for introducing baby to your other children

Lesson 8: Congratulations!

  • Hear a special motivational message from Liesel
  • You’re ready to be a more confident parent in the newborn days!

Newborn Basics 101 includes:

  • 4+ hours of on-demand, video content taught by an L&D nurse
  • Live demonstrations with a newborn to aid in your learning
  • Troubleshooting, step-by-step guides, tips and key takeaways
  • Community support in a private Facebook group
  • Lifetime access with an immediate start
  • An eBook of the entire class for quick reference


All the answers about "Newborn Basics 101"

When does the course start and finish?

You have full, on-demand, lifetime access as soon as you enroll! That means you can start or revisit the course whenever you want for life.

How long do I have access to the course?

After enrolling, you have unlimited, lifetime access to your class. This means that you can enroll at any point in your pregnancy and access (or revisit) the course whenever the timing is right! You can even access it again as you prepare for future babies!

How can I access this class?

You can access this class on your phone, tablet, desktop, laptop, and/or smart TV. All Mommy Labor Nurse classes are housed in the online learning platform Teachable.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We offer a 30-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. If you are at all unhappy with your class, simply contact [email protected] for a full refund.

What if I'm interested in more than one class?

We recommend checking out our All Access Pass!

What age range is best to take this class?

This class covers the newborn stage from 0-3 months.

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