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Gain the knowledge and confidence you need to erase the unknowns of pregnancy and birth, and rock the newborn days like a boss. Tune in each week as we dive into pregnancy related topics, expert interviews, and a variety of birth stories to support you in pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

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This week on the Mommy Labor Nurse podcast we’ve got part two of our two-part episode with the lovely, Lindsey Shipley, from Lactation Link. She’s a board-certified lactation consultant and a fellow labor and delivery nurse. Last week on the show we had so much fun chatting and demystifying some of the most common, yet

EP88: Got a Breastfeeding Question? Lindsey, an IBCLC Answers Your Questions!

This week on the Mommy Labor Nurse podcast I had the opportunity to chat with Lindsey Shipley from Lactation Link. This is actually episode one of a two-part series where we address some labor and delivery terms and other terminology surrounding pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding! Like me, Lindsey is an RN with a background in

EP87: Labor and Delivery Terms Explained

This week on the Mommy Labor Nurse podcast I chatted with Allison Janadu, a potty training consultant and the face behind the popular potty training Instagram account @pottytrainingconsultant! At the time this episode aired, she and her team at Potty Training Consultants have helped over 2000 families meet their potty-training goals. I know a lot

EP86: Potty Training Tips

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Hey there! I’m Liesel, a registered nurse with years of experience at the bedside in L&D, a fellow mom, and the host of this top-rated parenting podcast!

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