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Gain the knowledge and confidence you need to erase the unknowns of pregnancy and birth, and rock the newborn days like a boss. Tune in each week as we dive into pregnancy related topics, expert interviews, and a variety of birth stories to support you in pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

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This week on the Mommy Labor Nurse Podcast, I have a really exciting birth story to share with you guys! I actually had a personal friend of mine, Tess Camp, come on the show to tell the story of her three very different deliveries, with an emphasis on her extremely precipitous labor and second birth!

EP96: Tess Shares the Story of Her VERY Precipitous Labor

This week on the Mommy Labor Nurse Podcast, I had the opportunity to chat with the lovely Dr. Natalie Crawford all about infertility and more specifically secondary infertility. Dr. Crawford is a board-certified OBGYN and Reproductive Endocrinologist. She has a large social media following on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok where she shares amazing content related

EP95: Talking Infertility with Dr. Natalie Crawford

This week on the Mommy Labor Nurse Podcast, I was joined by Caitlin Fitzgerald for the very eventful and traumatic birth story of her first baby during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Caitlin opens up about her unexpected induction, unplanned C-section, NICU stay, postpartum struggles, and so much more! Due to the pandemic, she

EP94: Caitlin Fitzgerald’s Eventful and Traumatic Birth Story

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