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Your Baby at 12 Weeks Pregnant

Baby’s growth and size

Your baby is now just over 2 inches in length and tips the scales (well, maybe not tipping them just yet!) at half an ounce (give or take). 

What’s new developmentally? 

All of baby’s major organs, body parts, and physical features are in place. Your baby will spend the next 28(ish) weeks growing and maturing all of these systems. 

Fun facts about your week 12 baby

  • Vocal cords are forming 
  • Baby is now developing reflexes 
  • Baby can make a fist with their hands and curl their toes 


Week 12 of Pregnancy 

Week 12 pregnancy symptoms 

Hopefully most of these symptoms will be coming to an end very soon, if they haven’t already!

How should I be feeling at 12 weeks pregnant?

Hopefully you are starting to turn a corner in regards to pregnancy symptoms – and maybe even getting a little burst of energy?! Don’t feel bad if you aren’t there yet (you definitely aren’t alone!) because relief is on the way! 

Make sure you are doing your best to keep yourself hydrated and nourished with healthy foods.


More Week 12 Info

12 weeks pregnant ultrasound

There are a few reasons why you might be receiving an ultrasound at 12 weeks pregnant. You should have had an initial ultrasound to confirm your pregnancy and verify your dating by this point, but if you haven’t then this will be done.

The nuchal translucency screening tests for chromosomal anomalies like Down syndrome and is typically performed between weeks 11 and 14. Keep in mind, this is just a screening and will require additional testing to confirm a positive result.

To learn more about genetic screening tests, high risk pregnancies, and more, take a listen to my podcast interview with OBGYN, Dr. Marta Perez here.

If you have an ultrasound done at 12 weeks, you can expect your provider or sonographer to measure baby’s length from the top of their head to their bum, a measurement known as the crown-rump length (CRL). The CRL is used to help estimate and confirm gestational age.

You should also be able to hear and see baby’s heart beating for the first time too, which makes this one such a special and memorable appointment.

Why is 12 weeks safe to announce pregnancy?

Many women wait until they are in their 12th week to announce their pregnancy. Why is this you might ask? According to this article from ACOG, “Approximately 80% of all cases of pregnancy loss occur within the first trimester.” For this reason, a lot of women chose to keep their pregnancy to themselves, family, and possibly close friends, until they are in or through week 12 or 13.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to announcing a pregnancy. When someone chooses to announce is personal and no one else’s business but their own! 

If you find yourself having trouble deciding when you should announce your pregnancy, be sure to check out this Instagram post to help guide you. But most importantly mama, do whatever makes you comfortable and happy.

12 weeks pregnant is how many months?

You are going to hear pregnancy discussed in weeks the majority of time. If, however you are wondering about how many months you are at 12 weeks, the answer is three months.

First Trimester Prep Pack
First Trimester Prep Pack


12 Weeks Pregnant Belly


Tips for 12 Weeks Pregnant

  • Continue taking your prenatal vitamin – taking it at night or with food might help it go down easier. These are the ones I took during my pregnancy (Ritual)
  • Aim to drink 10 glasses of water a day (easier said than done, I know)
  • Consider investing in a pregnancy pillow. I have a couple on my Amazon Storefront to help you narrow your search
  • Familiarize yourself with pregnancy safe exercises and the benefits for whenever you feel ready to get your body moving
  • Review foods to avoid during pregnancy 
  • Establish healthy sleep habits 
  • Make a point to check in with your mental health – it’s never too early to start doing this
  • Sign up for MLN Weekly Pregnancy Updates to stay up to date on everything going on with your pregnancy. So much good information and it’s all free! 


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