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Your Baby at 22 Weeks Pregnant

Baby’s growth and size

Baby is roughly one whole pound this week, congratulations mama! Coming in at just over 11 inches, baby’s length didn’t increase too much from last week, but there’s still plenty of time for growth.

What’s new developmentally? 

Baby now has eyebrows, eyelashes, lips, fingernails, and toenails! Looking more and more like that sweet bundle you will meet in about 18 weeks. 

Even though baby’s eyelids remain fused shut, they can perceive light and dark – how wild! You can actually test this by shining a flashlight on your belly and seeing if your little one moves. 

Their ears are beginning to process sounds from inside your body such as your heartbeat, breathing, and digestion.

Fun facts about your week 22 baby

  • Baby broke the 1 pound mark this week
  • Tear ducts are forming 
  • Baby is sleeping in cycles – about 12-14 hours a day


Week 22 of Pregnancy 

Week 22 pregnancy symptoms 

How should I be feeling at 22 weeks pregnant?

You are probably feeling so many different things right now. I hope some of what you are feeling is excitement, even if it’s coupled with some nervousness (which is COMPLETELY normal by the way). 

Physically, I bet you are starting to feel “heavy” in the abdominal and pelvic area. At 22 weeks, your uterus is about an inch above your belly button and getting pretty close to the size of a papaya right about now. 

The weight of your growing uterus is temporarily displacing your organs and putting pressure on all kinds of things in your body, including your bladder – hence the frequent and middle of the night trips to the bathroom! 

Hopefully you have found a good pregnancy pillow that you like and have been able to create some healthy sleep habits. If only you could just set your bladder down next to your bed while you slept – hey, a girl can dream!


More Week 22 Info

22 weeks pregnant baby movement

By 22 weeks, there is a good chance you have felt your baby move – pretty amazing, right? Don’t expect movements to be regular or consistent just yet (although it might be for some!), but you have likely experienced some flutters or even kicks at this point. 

Those first fetal movements are actually called quickening. Some women describe it feeling like little bubbles, gas pains, popcorn popping, a fish fluttering around.

 It can be hard (especially for FTMs) to distinguish gas bubbles and normal digestion from quickening. Depending on the location of your placenta and how active your baby is though, you might be feeling full blown kicks and punches by now. 

If you aren’t feeling movement just yet, or aren’t feeling big movements, don’t stress. There is a good chance you have an anterior placenta, meaning your placenta implanted on the front side of your uterus, blocking a lot of the movements. 

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22 Weeks Pregnant Belly


Tips for 22 Weeks Pregnant

  • Do some research on baby nurseries to figure out what you might want
  • Start thinking about your baby registry
  • Invest in a belly support band – my personal favorite 
  • Purchase a pregnancy pillow – I have a couple on my Amazon Storefront to help you narrow your search
  • Start researching  babymoons if you plan on taking one
  • It’s never too early to start looking into childcare options – trust me on this one, mama, preschools and daycares fill up fast 
  • Make a point to check in with your mental health – it’s never too early to start doing this and mama, you sure deserve it
  • Treat yourself to a prenatal massage or pedicure this week – you have earned it mama
  • Learn more about the benefits of birthing classes, and consider enrolling in one now so that you’ve got plenty of time to get through it!
  • Sign up for my free second trimester prep pack to receive my second trimester checklist, baby registry checklist, and old wives’ tales checklist! 
  • Sign up for MLN weekly pregnancy updates to stay up to date on everything going on with your pregnancy. So much good information and it’s all free! 


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