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Your Baby at 27 Weeks Pregnant

Baby’s growth and size

Baby should be right around a solid 2 pounds at 27 weeks. Since last week, baby has added about half an inch to their length and is about 14.5 inches now.

What’s new developmentally? 

Baby is continuing to pack on the fat but is adding muscle too – probably from all that moving around they are doing in there! 

Baby basically looks like a skinnier, smaller version of who you will meet in about 13 weeks. If you were to have an ultrasound around this time, you might see baby sucking his or her thumb. This is how baby is practicing the suck reflex. 

If they didn’t open last week, there’s a good chance that baby’s eyes open this week. In addition to their eyes opening, baby might move in response to light! If you want to test this theory, try shining a flashlight at your belly and seeing if baby moves.


Fun facts about your week 27 baby

  • Baby is starting to smile
  • Baby is practicing their suck reflex – you might even be able to see them sucking their thumb during an ultrasound!
  • Taste buds are developed and baby might even respond to certain foods (spicy) with hiccups


Week 27 of Pregnancy 

Week 27 pregnancy symptoms 

    How should I be feeling at 27 weeks pregnant?

    Congratulations, you have officially made it to the last week of your second trimester! You are basically in the home stretch – well, sorta. 

    Now that you are well over halfway to meeting your little one, you might be feeling an assortment of emotions. You are probably feeling excited, nervous, tired, uncomfortable, overwhelmed, and more! 

    Know that however you’re feeling is valid – even if it’s not necessarily positive. 

    It’s so important to keep tabs on your mental health during pregnancy. Start thinking about what your support system looks like and who’s in it. If you feel like your anxiety is consuming your daily thoughts, consider finding a counselor or therapist to meet with. 

    It can be so beneficial for the postpartum period to already have an established relationship with someone. There are actually therapists that specialize in pregnancy and postpartum so bonus if you can find one in your area!

    If you haven’t thought about childbirth education yet, I highly recommend it! Knowledge is such a powerful tool and can help decrease any fears and anxiety you may have surrounding birth, postpartum, and life with a newborn.

    What’s more, tailored birth education can help prepare you for the birth experience you desire. Know that my online birth classes are here for you when you’re ready!


    More Week 27 Info

    27 week pregnancy diet

    Curious about things you should be incorporating in your diet at 27 weeks pregnant? Your diet at 27 weeks should be similar to what it’s been since finding out you were pregnant! 

    Depending on your weight prior to pregnancy, you have probably gained somewhere around 15 – 30 pounds by this point. If you don’t fall in this range, please don’t stress, pregnancy looks different on everyone. 

    Just like when you’re not pregnant, you should gravitate towards fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins during pregnancy. It’s okay to eat foods higher in fat and sugar in moderation, but try and focus on the fruits, veggies, whole grains, legumes, protein, and low-fat dairy. 

    If you’re in a bit of a meal-time rut, or want some tasty recipes you know are packed with the nutrients you need – The MLN Pregnancy and Postpartum Cookbook Collection is here for you!

    27 weeks is how many months?

    At 27 weeks you are in your 6th month of pregnancy. It does get a little tricky when you start referring to pregnancy in months because it’s not an equal comparison. 

    If this helps, you will be in your 6th month of pregnancy for weeks 23-27, so this is the last week before you hit the 7th month!

    27 weeks pregnant ultrasound

    By 27 weeks, you should have already had your anatomy scan. It typically happens between 18 and 22 weeks. Some babies are less cooperative during the anatomy scan than others and like to play hide and seek, typically scoring themselves an additional ultrasound. 

    If the ultrasound tech was not able to visualize all of baby’s organs and body parts during the initial anatomy scan, then you probably have already had a follow-up ultrasound or should be having one any day now. 

    There are some other conditions that might warrant additional ultrasounds during pregnancy. Having a history of preterm birth, carrying multiples, concerns over baby’s growth, and certain medical conditions might lead to additional ultrasounds past the 20-week anatomy scan. 

    I’ve also heard that a lot of practices are doing a third trimester ultrasound for any mamas that was COVID positive or “COVID recovered” during pregnancy. So this is another reason that you may have an ultrasound in the coming weeks.

    27 weeks pregnant movement slowed down

    This is important information for you to hear! Your baby should not move less the bigger they get. 

    Up until this point your baby’s movements might have been sort of sporadic and inconsistent, especially if you have an anterior placenta. You will probably hear your provider mention kick counts to you this week. 

    Kick counting is a free and effective way for mama’s to track the wellbeing of baby while in the womb, pick up on potential problems, and prevent stillbirth. I have included resources on kick counting below so be sure you check them out as there is a lot of evolving info on best practices related to kick counting and monitoring fetal movement. 

    If at any point during pregnancy your baby’s movements feel different, off, or decreased, call your provider, or get evaluated immediately! 

    If you aren’t being heard or taken seriously, put your foot down, advocate, don’t take no for an answer. You should never feel bad, ashamed, or as if you are wasting anyone’s time if you are concerned about your baby’s movements. If your provider ever makes you feel this way, I recommend you find a new one ASAP.

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    27 Weeks Pregnant Belly


    Tips for 27 Weeks Pregnant

    • Get ready for your glucose screening 
    • Start or continue working on your baby registry and nursery
    • Invest in a belly support band – my personal favorite 
    • Purchase a pregnancy pillow – I have a couple on my Amazon Storefront to help you narrow your search
    • Curious about sleeping on your back in pregnancy?
    • Start researching  babymoons if you plan on taking one
    • It’s never too early to start looking into childcare options – trust me on this one, mama, preschools and daycares fill up fast 
    • Treat yourself to a prenatal massage or pedicure this week – you and your mental health deserve it! 
    • Start thinking about whether a doula might be right for you 
    • Sign up for a birth class – knowledge is power! And you are in the sweet spot for childbirth education right now.
    • Sign up for my free second trimester prep pack to receive my second trimester checklist, baby registry checklist, and old wives’ tales checklist! 
    • Sign up for MLN weekly pregnancy updates to stay up to date on everything going on with your pregnancy. So much good information and it’s all free!


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