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Your Baby at 34 Weeks Pregnant

Baby’s growth and size

Baby is measuring somewhere between 17.5 and 18 inches this week. Gaining around half a pound since last week, your baby weighs right around 4.5 lbs (maybe a little more).

What’s new developmentally? 

Think of these remaining weeks as finishing those final touches on a masterpiece of art before the big reveal. At 34 weeks, your baby looks a lot like he or she will look like on their birth day, with just a little less fat. 

Pretty much all of their organs are fully formed and developed at this point, with the exception of their lungs, which are developing more and more each and every day. 

If you are expecting a baby boy, his testicles are descending from his abdomen to his scrotum this week. 

    Fun facts about your week 34 baby

    • Baby’s fingernails have reached the tips of their fingers
    • Baby can respond to sounds, light, and touch
    • Vernix (thick, waxy coating on baby’s skin) starts shedding around this time


    Week 34 of Pregnancy 

    Week 34 pregnancy symptoms 

    How should I be feeling at 34 weeks pregnant?

    You are getting so close to that finish line, mama. I know you are exhausted – physically,mentally, and emotionally. You are probably feeling like you’ll be pregnant forever at this point, but I have been in your shoes (twice) and I can assure you that you will get to meet your little one before you know it! 

    Chances are you are feeling drained at this point. It’s probably pretty hard for you to get in a comfortable enough position to catch more than a few hours of sleep at a time. Plus, you have a big ole’ bowling ball sitting right on your bladder, making those middle of the night bathroom trips more and more frequent. 

    Unless advised otherwise, it should be safe to take a warm bath to help you relax and hopefully ease a little bit of those aches and pains. Other things you can do to try and combat pregnancy discomforts are to use a heating pad on your back or legs (just avoid putting it directly on your belly), taking Tylenol as directed (unless advised not to from your provider), or a prenatal massage. 


    More Week 34 Info

    34 weeks pregnant ultrasound

    It’s not typical to receive an ultrasound at 34 weeks pregnant if your pregnancy is considered low-risk and without complications. 

    If you are experiencing any kind of complications or you’re being followed by a high-risk or maternal fetal medicine specialist, you might be receiving an ultrasound this week. The most common reasons are: 

    • Concerns about your baby’s growth, being on the big or the small side, you might have an ultrasound to measure baby
    • Concerns about your amniotic fluid level, you might have one to determine how much fluid is around baby and whether or not it’s in the normal range. 

    For certain complications, your provider might want to perform a biophysical profile (BPP). A BPP is performed via ultrasound and can be used to evaluate the health of baby. A BPP evaluates baby based on four different categories: muscle tone, breathing, body movement, and amniotic fluid volume. 

    A score of 0 – 2 is assigned to each of these categories and a nonstress test (NST) can also be performed as part of the BPP also. With the NST, the highest your baby can score is 10 and without it they can score an 8 at the most. 

    Based on the score, your provider might want to do follow-up testing, repeat a BPP in a couple days or deliver you. A BPP is most reliable when performed at 32 weeks and above. 

    Nausea at 34 weeks pregnant

    It’s not uncommon for some of those pesky first trimester symptoms to reappear as you near your due date. Unfortunately, nausea is one of those symptoms that reappears for a lot of women. 

    As you can probably tell, things are getting pretty cramped in your belly, which might impact and slow down your digestion. In addition, you might be experiencing constipation or heartburn and indigestion. 

    If you find yourself experiencing nausea towards the end of pregnancy, you can refer back to some of the first-trimester remedies. 

    Try to consume more frequent, smaller meals throughout the day, add a daily stool softener, anything ginger might help settle your stomach, avoid super greasy or triggering foods, keep saltine crackers on you at all times.

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    First Trimester Prep Pack


    34 Weeks Pregnant Belly


    Tips for 34 Weeks Pregnant

    • Stock up on postpartum essentials 
    • Start preparing older kids for a new baby
    • Start thinking about breastfeeding if you intend to breastfeed your baby – education is key! I highly recommend Milkology’s breastfeeding class
    • Start thinking about packing your hospital bag – I have a free checklist to help you 
    • Give perineal massage a whirl 
    • Wear your belly support band – my personal favorite 
    • Purchase a car seat – I recommend installing between 35-37 weeks
    • Treat yourself to a prenatal massage or pedicure this week – you and your mental health deserve it! 
    • Talk to your manager or HR department about maternity leave 
    • Contact your insurance company about maternity leave and FMLA
    • Start thinking about whether a doula might be right for you 
    • Familiarize yourself with signs of preterm labor 
    • Continue working through your birth class – there are SO MANY out there but I actually have online natural, epidural, and C-section courses that you can take all from the comfort of your own home, so check them out here
    • Start prepping for postpartum


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