Week 40


Your Baby at 41 Weeks Pregnant

Baby’s growth and size

Same as last week, baby is around 7-9 pounds and probably about 19-22 inches long.

What’s new developmentally? 

Until baby’s grand debut, they are just working on plumping up and gearing up to meet you! There is a good chance your baby has shed the majority of the waxy coating that has been all over their skin, vernix. 

This means that baby might be born with a few dry or peeling spots on their skin. If there is still vernix in place at birth be sure to rub it into their skin, it’s so good for their skin. 

    Fun facts about your week 41 baby

    • Baby’s fingernails and toenails will need trimming when they are born
    • Baby has shed most of their vernix 
    • Baby is considered late term this week


    Week 41 of Pregnancy 

    Week 41 pregnancy symptoms 

    How should I be feeling at 41 weeks pregnant?

    Can you believe that you will be holding your little one in your arms any day now? I know you are more than ready to get the show on the road. 

    A lot of providers will actually induce first time mamas at 41 weeks. Your baby is considered to be late term this week and will be post term at 42 weeks and beyond. 

    There have been lots of studies and research conducted on labor induction at 41 weeks and whether or not it decreases the chances of certain complications.

    I highly recommend you talk with your provider about this so together you can reach a decision about what is best for you and your baby!


      More Week 41 Info

      41 weeks pregnant and no sign of labor

      If you are 41 weeks and not experiencing any signs of labor just yet, try to not get frustrated just yet. I know inductions aren’t for everyone and they can definitely get a bad rap but it might be an option for you if you are on board. 

      It’s not uncommon for women, especially first-time mamas, to have to be induced. There are lots of benefits to spontaneous labor but sometimes, no matter what tricks you try, baby just doesn’t want to come on their own and needs a little bit of assistance. 

      You can absolutely still have a positive and healthy birth experience even with an induction so if it’s something that your provider has recommended, I encourage you to be open to a discussion and learning more about the process. 

      Ultrasound at 41 weeks pregnant

      An ultrasound done at 41 weeks is done to assess the wellbeing of baby. Maybe you and/or your provider have decided that an induction at 41 weeks isn’t the right decision for you. 

      If that’s the case, I can almost guarantee that you will have an ultrasound at this point. An ultrasound at 41 weeks should include something known as a biophysical profile (BPP). During a BPP, your provider will be assessing baby’s movements, breathing, tone, and evaluate your amniotic fluid. 

      Additionally, you will have a nonstress test (NST), in which external monitors will be placed on your belly to assess your baby’s heart rate and the presence of contractions.

      Third Trimester Prep Pack Pop-Up Image
      First Trimester Prep Pack


      Tips for 41 Weeks Pregnant

      • Finalize any last-minute details (hospital bag, arrangements for older children or pets, etc.) 
      • Talk with your provider about a possible induction 
      • Go on a date with your partner
      • Make sure you have arrangements in place for any other children or pets in the house
      • Stock and organize your postpartum basket
      • Make sure your hospital bag is packed – I have a free checklist to help you (and don’t forget to encourage your partner to have theirs packed too)
      • Do these things to prepare for postpartum if you haven’t already
      • Think about whether a postpartum doula is right for you 
      • Learn about true vs. prodromal labor
      • Familiarize yourself with some birth affirmations for labor (you can even write or print them on notecards to take to your place of delivery with you)
      • Birth class refresher– I recommend going back through the sections that are specific to labor and birth so that it’s all fresh in your mind


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