A list of products and services that I personally have used, recommend, and LOVE!

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Pregnancy Products and Services

Prenatal Vitamins: When searching for a vitamin, I personally looked for one that wasn’t OVER doing it in the ingredients as I get a LOT of vitamins from my diet already! My current fave is from Ritual! The best part is that they are super easy to swallow because they smell/taste like lemons! Use code LABORNURSE10 for 10% off your first 3 months!

Comfy Pregnancy and Postpartum WearTanks and nursing bras by Larken, honestly the most comfortable bra and tank I own, they are so stretchy! These are also super freaking durable, well worth the price! Use code: LIESEL15 for 15% off any product!

TENS UnitOne of THE BEST methods of drug-free pain relief during labor! Babycare TENS gives an extra pulse of pain combatting power in the final stages of labour - when you need it most. Use code 10MLN for 10% off!

Childbirth Prep Course JUST For Your Partner: Birth is painful, but preparing for it doesn’t have to be.  From learning she’s expecting to the baby’s arrival, mom carries the motherlode, literally. But dads and partners have a vital role to play on any successful birth team. SupportingHer is an online class that teaches tips, techniques and actionable skills to help you take care of your partner and yourself during labor and birth. Use code MLN2019 for 20% off the course!

Exercise AppJuna is THE companion app for your Motherhood Journey. Sarah, the founder of Juna and a good friend of mine, created the app to provide scientifically backed, up to date fitness and nutrition information, all in one place! Use code LIESEL to save 20% on a yearly subscription.

Postpartum Products and Services

Breastfeeding and Exclusive Pumping Courses: Milkology provides three AMAZING courses: The Ultimate Breastfeeding Course, The Ultimate Exclusive Pumping Class, and The Ultimate Back To Work Pumping Class. These are all video courses at incredibly affordable prices. Use code MLN10 for 10% off!

Lactation Cookies: Whether you’re a new mom or a pro, Mommy Knows Best gives you plenty of lactation cookies and supplements options, all of which are created with the health and safety of both baby and mom in mind. They also have a gluten free, dairy free mix too! I LOVE their cookies, and I really think they work so well at increasing milk supply because they taste so dang good. Use code LIESEL10 for 10% off any product!

Infant Sleepwear: Nested Bean helps babies sleep and families thrive by creating gently weighted sleepwear for babies 0-24 months. The lightweight on the chest mimics your loving touch to provide more comfortable and restful sleep for babies in 1-3 nights! Use code MOMMYLABOR for 15% off any product!

Organic Baby Wellness Products: Wellements is a certified organic and preservative-free company that sells baby wellness products such as multivitamin drops, vitamin D drops, gripe water, baby cough and mucus syrup, and much more! Use code LABORNURSE for 10% off any product!

Breast Pump: The Baby Buddha breast pump is a super small, handheld electric pump that has amazing suction! I had great output and found it to be really user friendly. I did a full review of the pump here if you'd like to check it out before purchasing! Use code LIESEL10 to save 10%!

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