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Your Baby at 39 Weeks Pregnant

Baby’s growth and size

Baby is most likely somewhere around 20 inches now. Babies come in all shapes and sizes but at 39 weeks, your baby is probably between 7-8 pounds.

What’s new developmentally? 

Congratulations, your baby is officially considered full term at 39 weeks. Even though there’s still some lung and brain development taking place, your little one is fully developed and ready to make their big debut.

Both the lungs and brain will continue developing over the next 2 – 3 years, but they should be doing all the necessary things to properly function outside the womb. 

Get excited, you are going to be meeting your sweet baby very, very soon!

    Fun facts about your week 39 baby

    • Baby’s tear ducts aren’t fully open just yet
    • Skin pigmentation occurs after birth so not matter baby’s ethnicity, their skin will look white at birth 
    • Baby’s brain is still growing at very impressive rate (and will continue to do so for the first 2-3 years of life


    Week 39 of Pregnancy 

    Week 39 pregnancy symptoms 

    How should I be feeling at 39 weeks pregnant?

    Does it feel like you are walking around with a big ole’ watermelon in your stomach? Well, that’s because you basically are. Carrying all that additional weight is making it pretty hard for you to sleep, go up and down stairs, move around, and pretty much do just about anything. 

    Some providers are actually on board with inducing healthy, low-risk mamas at 39 weeks with something called an elective induction. This is typically not something offered to first-time mamas, at least not where I work, but if this isn’t your first rodeo, and it’s something you might be interested in, talk to your provider about it! 

    And even if an induction isn’t in the cards for you, there’s still a very good chance you will be meeting your baby in the next several days or couple weeks. Be sure to check out my resources on natural ways to induce labor (listed below). 

    Pretty much all of them are safe to start doing now that you are 39 weeks. And as always, make sure to run it by your OB provider before doing any of them just to be on the safe side!


      More Week 39 Info

      39 weeks pregnant symptoms not to ignore

      I know I mentioned that mild swelling of your feet and ankles is normal in pregnancy, but there are times that swelling can be a cause for concern. One thing you might be at risk for at 37 weeks, and really any point during pregnancy, is preeclampsia. 

      If your swelling is severe or if it is accompanied by a headache that won’t go away, vision changes, sudden weight gain, stomach, shoulder, or lower back pain, sudden nausea, or shortness of breath or chest pain, it could be something more serious and you need to be evaluated. 

      Other symptoms not to ignore include: 

      • Decrease or change in fetal movement
      • Any kind of vaginal bleeding
      • Signs your water might have broken
      • Intuition that something might be off

      If your provider (or anyone else for that matter) tells you that it’s normal for babies to move less the bigger they get, do not listen! Babies absolutely should not move less the bigger they get.

      If you notice a decrease or change in their movement you need to call your OB and/or head to your place of delivery immediately for evaluation!  The last thing we want you to do is sit around your house and worry when you can easily be evaluated and have a peace of mind.

      39 weeks pregnant and no signs of labor

      If you are 39 weeks and not experiencing any signs of labor just yet, try not to get frustrated just yet. I have been in your shoes, mama! 

      I actually went past my due date with both of mine, despite doing all the things to jump start my labor. Your time will also come. Assuming you are low risk with an uncomplicated pregnancy, you are probably a good candidate to give some of the things from my “Natural Ways to Induce Labor” article a whirl. 

      Disclaimer: none of them should be done without your specific OB provider’s blessing first and none of them are guaranteed to send you into labor, but what do you have to lose (those were my thoughts at least). 

      I know you are tired and frustrated and over being pregnant, but try your best to stay mentally focused, you can see that flag waving at the end of the finish line!

      Headaches at 39 weeks pregnant

      Some women experience headaches throughout pregnancy. Hormones can do some pretty crazy things to our bodies, including causing headaches. Experiencing a headache at 39 weeks, or really at any point in pregnancy, can however be indicative of something else going on. 

      An isolated headache that is resolved fairly quickly with rest, hydration, or Tylenol, usually isn’t a cause for concern. A headache that just won’t go away and is accompanied by visual disturbances such as spots of floaters, sudden weight gain, swelling in your face and/or hands, shortness of breath, nausea or vomiting, pain in your upper abdomen or shoulder, elevated blood pressure, or any other symptom that just doesn’t sit right with you deserves prompt evaluation. 

      Preeclampsia can make both you and baby pretty sick if untreated so I highly, highly, highly recommend evaluation if experiencing a headache and any of the previous listed symptoms. 

      39 weeks pregnant and very tired

      If you are very tired at 39 weeks pregnant, you aren’t alone. Your body has basically been running the longest, most demanding marathon of your entire life. Cut yourself some slack and try and take those little breaks whenever you can find them. 

      Fatigue and exhaustion is one of the most common complaints throughout pregnancy, especially towards the end. A sudden increase in exhaustion at 39 weeks might be related to an abrupt shift in hormones that can potentially indicate labor is coming. 

      I’m not encouraging you to hop in your car and rush to the hospital but just a little somethin’, somethin’ to keep in mind! 

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      39 Weeks Pregnant Belly


      Tips for 39 Weeks Pregnant

      • Go on a date with your partner
      • Make sure you have arrangements in place for any other children or pets in the house
      • Stock and organize your postpartum basket
      • Prepare older kids for the new baby 
      • Make sure your hospital bag is packed – I have a free checklist to help you 
      • Do these things to prepare for postpartum if you haven’t already
      • Wear your belly support band – my personal favorite 
      • Treat yourself to a prenatal massage or pedicure this week – you and your mental health deserve it! 
      • Think about whether a postpartum doula is right for you 
      • Learn about true vs. prodromal labor
      • Familiarize yourself with some birth affirmations for labor (you can even write or print them on notecards to take to your place of delivery with you)
      • Do a birth class refresher– I recommend going back through the sections that are specific to labor and birth so that it’s all fresh in your min
      • Start prepping for postpartum


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