2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Pregnant Moms, Babies, and New Mothers

Last Updated: January 4, 2023
Liesel Teen, RN-BSN

By Liesel Teen

BSN, RN, Practicing Labor and Delivery Nurse

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Are you on the lookout for the perfect holiday gift for a pregnant or new mom in your life? Or maybe you’re doing a little shopping and browsing for yourself!

Either way, we took the time to compile some of our top picks for holiday gifts this season!

These are products and brands we know, love, and trust here at MLN, and hope they add a little bit of extra magic to your holiday this year!

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2021 Holiday Gifts Ideas for Babies and Expecting Mothers

To kick off this year’s gift guide, I wanted to share some of my most favorite products and brands for all things baby! Any of these would make great gifts for a pregnant mama, an expecting couple, or for a newborn or baby in your life.

I know that infants can’t exactly open their own gift, but what loved one can resist wrapping up a gift for them anyway?

Let’s take a peek!

Mommy Labor Nurse

All right you guys, I had to kick off this list with our online birth classes, right?! A lot of people don’t know that you can totally GIFT our birth classes to an expecting mama.

The instructions are right on the checkout page! Basically, you’re going to buy the class and then email us directly.

We’ll provide you with a cute little gift certificate, and the expecting mama in your life will get a unique code to get all set up!

Choose the class you think they’d most like. And if you don’t know, go for the Natural Series! We’re always happy to switch them once they redeem their code.

Newton Baby

Y’all. I have two Newton Baby mattresses (one for each of my boys!) and this is a product that I stand behind 100%. The breathability gives me peace of mind, and the fact that it’s washable is such a game-changer.

This is a great gift for an expecting couple! You’d be surprised how hyped a pregnant mama can get about a mattress 😊

Shop now!

Happiest Baby – Snoo Smart Sleeper

The Snoo is a splurge for many, but absolutely made a difference in my newborn’s ability to sleep independently so much sooner.

And the fact that it’s such a splurge is exactly why it makes a great gift! A lot of expecting mamas won’t outright ask for this, but I can tell you they will be pleasantly surprised if this is under the tree!

Shop now!


Okay who out there doesn’t love a good Carter’s zip-up footie pajama for their baby? And definitely opt for the zip-up ones! The new parents will thank you!!

No, but seriously, Carter’s is the BEST for basics, doesn’t break the bank, and is great quality. Choose some prints you love for a great gift.

Shop now!


Sleep sacks are a staple once baby transitions out of a swaddle – and having a few on hand makes life easier. This is a great gift for babies older than 3-4 months!

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Aden + Anais

I absolutely love the quality of Aiden + Anais muslin swaddles and honestly every product they make is so great.

The prints are adorable, and something about them really does feel so special. The Aden + Anais swaddles I received as gifts are ones I definitely hung on to!

Shop now!

Delta Children

Delta Children makes the cutest nursery and children’s furniture that doesn’t break the bank!

I got Ryland’s entire nursery set (crib, mini changing table, and rocker) from Delta Children via Amazon back in the spring of 2020.

If you want to surprise a pregnant mama this holiday with something BIG she’s going to use every day, this could be a great option.

Shop now!

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I don’t personally have a Bugaboo stroller, but I know a LOT of you absolutely love yours. For many, it’s considered the best of the best when it comes to strollers that can grow with your child.

Again, this is a splurge kind of item – which is exactly why it’s a good gift!

Shop now!


Wellements is another brand that I love to promote because it’s one I personally use almost every day.

I love their Vitamin D drops for exclusively breastfed babies, their gripe water for the newborn days, and the entire line of cold season relief for littles.

For expecting mamas, grab a bundle and gift them an entire medicine cabinet is set for baby!

Shop now!

Tubby Todd

Tubby Todd is the best of the best when it comes to baby skin care products. Many mamas say it’s nothing short of a miracle worker on newborn skin issues like cradle cap, peeling, and eczema.

The scents are amazing, and this is a brand I wholeheartedly stand behind. It’s a little bit of splurge which is EXACTLY why it makes such a great gift.

They even have some adorable holiday sets!

Shop now!

Hanna Andersson

Who out there DOESN’T love Hanna Andersson’s adorable holiday jammies every year?

All of their baby and kid’s clothes are super high-quality and last through kid after kid on the hand-me-down train – it’s like magic.

Seriously, these clothes are SO worth it, and make a great gift!

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Solly Baby

After Ryland was born I reviewed a bunch of different wrap-style baby carriers. In the end, it came down to the Baby K’Tan and the Solly Baby, and I gave it to the Solly – I just love it SO much!

A lot of mamas will register for a structured carrier because they don’t realize how easy and amazing wrap-style carriers can be. Surprise her with one for the holidays!

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Taking Cara Babies – Online Baby Sleep Courses

There is a reason Taking Cara Babies has close to 2 million followers on Instagram – and it’s because her baby sleep courses work!

If you know a new mama that’s struggling with sleep, this could make a creative gift idea! And who wouldn’t be happy to receive the gift of sleep?

Shop now!

Monica + Andy

The self-proclaimed “softest, organic clothes ever” – I can attest that this adorable, boutique-quality baby brand is such a treat for your little one!

I love to gift Monica + Andy baby clothes because they are just so sweet and feel so special.

They also have children’s and women’s loungewear!!

Shop now!

Holiday Gifts for Pregnant Moms

Okay. So that’s a LOT of deals to be had in the land of baby gear…but you didn’t think we’d forget about you, right??

Let’s take a look at our top picks for holiday gifts for the pregnant women in your life!

Kindred Bravely

There is a reason that Kindred Bravely is first on this list – and that’s because they are my FAVORITE maternity brand hands-down.

I basically lived in their maternity loungewear when I was pregnant #realtalk. They’ve got curated bundles and a great collection of stylish, work-ready maternity clothes as well.

Shop now!


Looking for the best nursing bra around – I got you. I STILL wear my Larken nursing bras – and I’m not even a breastfeeding mother anymore, hah.

No, but really, these bras from a female-owned company are the best of the best. The Larken X hands-free pumping bra is the game-changer the pumping mama in your life needs.

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Not all of you know that after Ryland was born I used and reviewed over 6 different pumps! From traditional to the latest and greatest, The Willow Pump was my top pick.

The convenience of a wearable pump, excellent output, and smart technology features make this such a win – especially for full-time working moms who plan to pump.

I know it’s a bit of a splurge, but I KNOW a pumping mama would love this as a gift.

Shop now!


When I was pregnant the second time around, I did a TON of research on prenatal vitamins. I wanted to know that I was providing the best for my baby and putting my dollars towards a company I truly believed in at the same time.

After lots of digging, I came across Ritual’s Prenatal Multivitamin and never looked back! It’s a subscription-based service, so it really is a gift that would keep on giving.

Shop now!

Earth Mama

What pregnant mama wouldn’t love some amazing skincare products to use during pregnancy? Earth Mama’s Organic Belly Butter and Belly Oil are exactly what their thirsty, itchy, stretching skin needs during this transformative time.

And for postpartum, I cannot say enough good things about their herbal Perineal Spray, Perineal Balm, and Nipple Butter!

Shop now!

Milkology Online Breastfeeding Class

You guys! I have checked out a lot of online breastfeeding classes out there because I KNOW that knowledge is power when it comes to all things birth and motherhood.

Milkology’s $27 class is a great deal AND an excellent resource. Give the gift of knowledge!

Shop now!

Other 2021 Holiday Gift Guides not to miss

To round out this list, I just wanted to draw your attention to a few other big sites with AWESOME gift guides for anyone on your list.

Amazon’s Gift Guides

Y’all knew I had to put this one on here! But in case you didn’t know they have SUCH an awesome gift guide area!

You can find really specific gift guides for the person you’re shopping for, shop by budget, and even shop influencer and maker guides. It’s pretty epic.

And of course…you can shop the Mommy Labor Nurse Amazon Store Front too!


Nordstrom’s curated holiday gifts for women has been a life line for me this season! So many cute ideas that you KNOW are on-trend and will be a big hit.

Check it out!


Almost EVERY mama loves them some Target. I love that Target’s gift guide for women is so easy to filter by price point. They even give ideas to make your own little gift “kit” or box.

Check it out!


Wayfair’s Holiday Shop is full of so many cute decorations! It’s easy to find their “deals and steals”, shop different price points, and check out best sellers.

Check it out!

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Liesel Teen, RN-BSN

Liesel Teen

BSN, RN, Practicing Labor and Delivery Nurse

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