Join me for a FREE Birth Preparation Workshop

3 Must-Know Secrets to an Even Better Birth

An on-demand mini class for pregnant mamas that want to learn exactly what they can do to gain a sense of control before labor starts!

For most mamas, birth feels like the great unknown.

You’re going to your prenatal visits, checking things off your third-trimester to-do list, maybe your hospital bag is even packed.

Yet as your due date draws closer, feelings of anxiety, what-ifs, and maybe even some fear are filling your head. Can I really do this?

Take a deep breath, grab my hand, and join me in this class to start gaining the confidence you deserve!

In our first-ever, totally FREE workshop, you’ll:


Discover the 3 elements of birth preparation that pack the most punch towards a positive experience


Walk away with tons of actionable tips you (and your partner!) can start practicing right away


Understand why you shouldn’t approach birth as a passive participant and hope for the best


Learn strategies you can use in preparation for birth and during labor


Participate in live demonstrations of pain coping strategies


Be well on your way to an even better birth!

Liesel Teen, BSN-RN
Founder, Mommy Labor Nurse

Meet Your Instructor

Liesel Teen, BSN-RN

As an L&D nurse, fellow mom, and founder of Mommy Labor Nurse, I know a thing or two about birth.

Join me in my first ever FREE Birth Preparation Workshop where I’m spilling my top 3 secrets–plus tons of other pain coping strategies, preparation techniques, and partner tips–to an even better birth.

I always say that birth is an inherently good and transformative event. But with a little preparation and education, you can ensure it’s the positive experience you deserve–no matter how it all goes down.

I can’t wait to see you inside!

We kept this workshop on-demand because we know how hard it is to fit something into your schedule at a certain date and time.

And we want to make sure every mama has the chance to work through this mini-class on her own time, at her own pace.

Your enrollment includes:

  • Instant access to the full 60-minute birth preparation workshop
  • Guided practice sessions so you know exactly how to put the things you learn to use

Plus these bonus materials:

  • A note sheet to use throughout the workshop to record key concepts
  • Support Person Tips and Tricks printable cheatsheet directly from our birth classes
  • 20 Tough Contraction Tips printable cheatsheet for mama directly from our birth classes

We’ve helped thousands of mamas just like you.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU. The bottom line is I was prepared and asked questions and felt in control because of your class!

Beth G

Your classes definitely decreased my anxiety and prepared me for all of the parts of birth I didn’t expect. Which was a lot!

Ali B

Your course helped my husband and I both feel more prepared! I couldn’t be more satisfied with my labor experience. So thank you!

Amanda P