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Your Baby at 11 Weeks Pregnant

Baby’s growth and size

At 11 weeks, your baby is about 1.6 inches in length from crown (head) to rump (bum) and weighs roughly a quarter of an ounce.

What’s new developmentally? 

At 11 weeks, your baby’s head is still on the large side, accounting for nearly half of baby’s full length, but the body is slowly catching up. 

All of baby’s vital organs are in place and most of them are already functioning, including the liver, kidneys, pancreas, and heart. 

Baby’s external sex organs also start to differ this week! It’s a little too early to see that difference on ultrasound, but by week 18ish we can usually tell!

    Fun facts about your week 11 baby

    • Fingernail and toenail beds are developing
    • Baby’s skin is completely transparent 
    • First signs of breathing can be picked up on ultrasound


    Week 11 of Pregnancy 

    Week 11 pregnancy symptoms 

    How should I be feeling at 11 weeks pregnant?

    At 11 weeks pregnant you are probably feeling pretty darn similar to how you were last week but maybe, just maybe a tad better (fingers crossed!) Your hCG levels should start to decrease (and eventually level off) around this time, hopefully making week 11 and 12 a little more enjoyable for you!

    I know I sound like a broken record, but if you are feeling very similar to how you have been the last several weeks, just remind yourself how close you are to the second trimester! A lot of women see an improvement in symptoms in the next few weeks.

    As far as how your body is changing, you might begin to notice a little bitty bump. Not seeing much of anything in the bump department just yet? No need to worry mama – I can assure you it’s coming! 


    More Week 11 Info

    11 weeks pregnant ultrasound

    There are a few reasons why you might be receiving an ultrasound at 11 weeks pregnant. If you haven’t yet had an ultrasound to confirm your pregnancy and verify your dating, then this would be one big one. 

    The nuchal translucency screening, which tests for Down syndrome, is typically performed in the window after 11 weeks and before the completion of week 14. This is a screening test, and in the event of a positive result would indicate the need for more testing. 

    To learn more about genetic screening tests, high risk pregnancies, and more, take a listen to my podcast interview with OBGYN, Dr. Marta Perez here.

    If you have an ultrasound done at 11 weeks, you can expect your provider or sonographer to measure baby’s length from the top of their head to their bum, a measurement known as the crown-rump length (CRL). The CRL is used to help estimate and confirm gestational age.

    You should also be able to hear and see baby’s heart beating for the first time too. You might want to bring some tissues to this monumental appointment – it’s pretty incredible!

    11 weeks pregnant bump or bloating?

    At 11 weeks it can be pretty tough to determine if what you’re noticing around your mid-section is the beginning of a baby bump or related to bloating. 

    It is absolutely possible (and totally normal!) for some women to have a baby bump at 11 weeks. A lot of things can impact when you start showing in pregnancy and why bumps come in different shapes and sizes. To learn all about your pregnant belly make sure to read this article!

    11 weeks pregnant no symptoms?

    Still not experiencing any pregnancy symptoms at 11 weeks? More than likely, it’s absolutely nothing to worry about. Sure, the majority of pregnant women will experience some kind of symptom(s) at some point during pregnancy, you might just be one of the lucky few that is able to dodge them completely! 

    It’s not clear why some women don’t experience pregnancy symptoms, but it’s safe to say that it’s typically not a reflection of the health or longevity of the pregnancy.

    11 weeks pregnant is how many months?

    You are going to hear pregnancy discussed in weeks the majority of time. But if you are wondering how many months you are at 11 weeks, the answer is three. 

    Your third month will be completed at the end of week 13!

    First Trimester Prep Pack
    First Trimester Prep Pack


    11 Weeks Pregnant Belly


    Tips for 11 Weeks Pregnant

    • Continue taking your prenatal vitamin – taking it at night or with food might help it go down easier
    • Aim to drink 10 glasses of water a day (easier said than done, I know)
    • Consider investing in a pregnancy pillow – I have a couple on my Amazon Storefront to help you narrow your search
    • Familiarize yourself with pregnancy safe exercises and the benefits for whenever you feel ready to get your body moving
    • Review foods to avoid during pregnancy 
    • Establish healthy sleep habits 
    • Make a point to check in with your mental health – it’s never too early to start doing this
    • Sign up for MLN Weekly Pregnancy Updates to stay up to date on everything going on with your pregnancy. So much good information and it’s all free! 


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