Birth It Up: The C-Section Series

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Gain the knowledge you need for a positive birth experience – on your schedule, at your pace.

  • 6+ hours of video content covering the final weeks, birth, postpartum, and more
  • Exclusive printables to support your education
  • Bonus lessons to enhance your learning
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  • Unlimited, lifetime access
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Birth It Up: The C-Section Series will erase your anxiety and ensure you know exactly what to expect ahead of the big day.


We took your C-section course and felt completely prepared and comfortable going into the procedure. I felt calm the whole time and was able to let go and trust my birth team.

The whole C-section was a really positive experience for us and I loved my birth!



Birth It Up: The C-Section Series is SO detail-oriented and prepared me for all the things on the day of my delivery!!

The nurses, anesthesiologists, and OB were surprised at how much I knew and how calm and relaxed I was throughout my Cesarean.

I kept crediting your course, and I truly feel like it played a huge part in how I approached having a majory surgery. Thank you so much!



I just wanted to let you know my husband and I took your C-section course before our little guy entered the world 4 weeks early. 

We felt so prepared for the surgery itself, knew what questions to ask, and loved the recovery tips. 

Thank you so much for all the education!