Birth It Up: The Epidural Series

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Gain the knowledge you need for a positive birth experience – on your schedule, at your pace.

  • 10+ hours of video content covering the final weeks, birth, postpartum, and more
  • Exclusive printables to support your education
  • 5 Bonus lessons to enhance your learning
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Birth It Up: The Epidural Series will erase every ounce of the unknown and teach you exactly what to expect when you go into labor.


Had my first baby in January and had the best experience thanks to your classes. We took the epidural series and that prepared us for it all.

Breathing techniques came in clutch for pre-epidural, and I was so relaxed throughout because I knew what to expect from your course.

Thank you!! Recommend 10/10!!



Your epidural course was exactly what I needed for my birth! 

It was hard to find information about epidural birthing tips without any shame or stigma. I loved that your course gave judgment free and helpful guidance on what to expect. It made me so much less frightened! Thank you!!



Thank you so much for creating the epidural class! I had to be induced, but I knew what to expect thanks to your class, which really helped with my anxiety.

The birth itself ended up being very dramatic, but I was very educated and prepared. One of the nurses even asked if I was in the medical field because I knew so much! 😊 Thanks again!