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Your Baby at 35 Weeks Pregnant

Baby’s growth and size

Your (not so) little one is a little over 18 inches long this week and bit over 5 pounds.

What’s new developmentally? 

Baby has been making urine since about 13 weeks, but their kidneys are now fully formed. And while we’re on the topic of excretion, meconium (which will be baby’s first poop) is building up in their intestines. Some babies actually have their first bowel movement while still inside of you!


At this time, your baby’s brain is around two thirds of what it will weigh in just 4 or 5 weeks. Baby’s circulatory and musculoskeletal systems are fully developed. If you could see through your belly to your baby right now you might think they look pretty fully developed. 

There is actually a lot of growth that takes place over the next several weeks, so try and be patient with your little one.

    Fun facts about your week 35 baby

    • Baby has distinct sleeping patterns and cycles
    • Baby responds best to high-pitched noises right now
    • Baby’s lungs are producing surfactant (key to proper lung function)


    Week 35 of Pregnancy 

    Week 35 pregnancy symptoms 

      How should I be feeling at 35 weeks pregnant?

      FIVE weeks (give or take) left – can you believe it? You are so, so, so close to the end of this “marathon”, mama, and you are doing an amazing job so keep your head up! 

      In addition to feeling physically exhausted, you are probably feeling some mental and emotional strain at this point too. Given the give of your baby, uterus, and belly, you are probably feeling a good amount of discomfort in your hips and pelvis at 35 weeks. 

      As your uterus expands, the muscles and ligaments that surround your belly get stretched and loosen. Rest assured though that this discomfort does have somewhat of a purpose. 

      The loosening of your ligaments (not just isolated to your belly) make it easier for baby to work their way out of your uterus when the big day comes. 


      More Week 35 Info

      Things to avoid at 35 weeks pregnant

      A lot of the things you should avoid at 35 weeks are things you should avoid throughout the rest of pregnancy as well. 

      Some of the obvious things include alcohol, raw or undercooked meat, seafood high in mercury, unpasteurized foods, unwashed fruits and vegetables, and excess caffeine. 

      Some things that might not be as obvious include questions regarding exercise, baths, natural induction methods, and sex during pregnancy – so let’s address these specifically:

      • As long as your provider has not advised you to avoid warm baths during pregnancy, you should be totally safe to take a bath to help ease some of those pregnancy aches and pains. 
      • Similarly, sex should be safe throughout pregnancy as long as your OB provider has not advised you to refrain. And if you ever have any questions or doubts, definitely run it by your provider first. 
      • And what about exercise? It might be the very last thing on your mind right now but let’s talk about it just in case! Exercise during pregnancy actually has tons of benefits. If you have not been exercising throughout pregnancy, I recommend you start slow. Walking is a great one to start with – you can go at your own pace, make it as long or as short as you want. Plus, a little vitamin D can do wonders for you mentally! 
      • Avoid any kind of contact sports as well as anything super extreme – now is not the time to start training for that marathon you’ve always wanted to run. 
      • Finally, there are some natural induction methods that are safe to begin at this point in pregnancy but a lot of them should be avoided until you are closer to 39 or 40 weeks. Be sure to refer to slides 5-7 in this post and double check with your provider before putting any of these natural induction methods to use! 
      • The ones that should definitely be avoided prior to 37 – 40 weeks include curb walking, nipple stimulation (for induction purposes), midwives’ brew, primrose oil, miles circuit, membrane sweep, and reflexology (be sure to check the post for specific details.) 
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      35 Weeks Pregnant Belly


      Tips for 35 Weeks Pregnant

      • Stock up on postpartum essentials 
      • Start preparing older kids for a new baby
      • Start thinking about breastfeeding if you intend to breastfeed your baby – education is key! I highly recommend Milkology’s breastfeeding class
      • Start thinking about packing your hospital bag – I have a free checklist to help you 
      • Give perineal massage a whirl 
      • Research Group B Strep (GBS)
      • Wear your belly support band – my personal favorite 
      • Purchase a car seat – I recommend installing between 35-37 weeks
      • Treat yourself to a prenatal massage or pedicure this week – you and your mental health deserve it! 
      • Talk to your manager or HR department about maternity leave 
      • Contact your insurance company about maternity leave and FMLA
      • Start thinking about whether a doula might be right for you 
      • Familiarize yourself with signs of preterm labor 
      • Continue working through your birth class – there are SO MANY out there but I actually have online natural, epidural, and C-section courses that you can take all from the comfort of your own home, so check them out here
      • Start prepping for postpartum


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