The Very Best Easter Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Last Updated: February 27, 2024
Liesel Teen, RN-BSN

By Liesel Teen

BSN, RN, Practicing Labor and Delivery Nurse

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You know what’s even better than a themed pregnancy announcement? A holiday themed pregnancy announcement! I’m such a sucker for cute, fun, creative pregnancy announcements and I love holidays – hint the motivation behind this article!

With Easter right around the corner, I wanted to put together an article that covered the very best Easter pregnancy announcement ideas! Easter has so much great material to offer in the way of pregnancy announcements.

So hop (ha-ha) along with me as I cover 15 fun and creative Easter pregnancy announcement ideas below!

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14 Fun and creative Easter pregnancy announcement ideas

1. Bun in the oven

So this one really could go for any pregnancy announcement, Easter-related or not. If you happen to be hosting or attending Easter brunch or lunch with family and friends, this one would be super easy to execute! Simply put a bun in the oven and when the time is right, pull it on out (or let a family member stumble upon it)!

If you don’t have access to an oven, you could always wear a shirt that says something along the lines of, “I’ve got a bun in the oven,” but I think having a bun in an actual oven is better for the shock factor. 

It might take a few seconds for everyone to catch on but it will be so worth it once they do!

2. Bunny ears

A super cute idea would be to find a small pair of bunny ears to put in between two bigger pairs of bunny ears. People use a similar concept with a pair of baby shoes in between mom and dad’s.

And while little bunny ears might be a tad harder to find than baby shoes (or maybe not thanks to Amazon), I promise this will be worth the effort!

3. A play on words Easter pregnancy announcement 

There’s a lot you can do with the word “egg” for a pregnancy announcement. 

How about a “We have some Egg-citing news to share” announcement. This could be on a card that you physically hand to someone or be a picture of you and your partner holding up a sign that you text or email to people.

The options are endless with eggs and pregnancy announcements. Which leads me to my next idea!

4. Eggs in a basket

Put 2 bigger eggs (to represent you and your partner) on either side of a smaller egg (to represent baby). 

Don’t be afraid to go the whole nine yards with this one! Put some fake grass in a basket with the eggs, tie a ribbon to the handle, and throw some flowers in too. Make it pretty but try not to go so overboard that you completely take the attention away from the eggs. You don’t want them to overlook the announcement after all!

5. Chocolate Easter bunny

Using the same concept as above, create a little chocolate Easter bunny announcement. You might choose to put the little bunny family in an actual Easter basket or take a picture with baby bunny in between 2 big bunnies – either way would work and be super cute! 

6. A letterboard Easter pregnancy announcement

Ah yes, the good ole’ letterboard announcement! There is a reason so many turn to the letterboard for monumental life events – it’s cute, easy, and convenient!

And you can go in so many different directions! Use it to write out a catchy phrase, display an ultrasound picture, or with some felt eggs or bunnies to announce your exciting news. 

Whether it’s Easter themed or not, a letterboard is always a good option for a pregnancy (or birth) announcement!

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7. Paint your belly like an egg

This one depends on how far along you are and how much your belly has popped! It is also fully dependent on how comfortable you are showing off that beautiful bump! 

I know you have seen the Halloween costumes where the pregnant mama paints her whole belly orange to look like a pumpkin – so cute, right?! Well, this is similar, except you choose a more pastel/Easter palette instead.

Feel free to use good ole’ Pinterest for some inspiration with this one!

8. Incorporate Peeps

Remember Peeps? I used to love these things! If you go this route, I would use a chalkboard or hold up a sign that says something along the lines of, “We’re adding a little Peep to our family.”

You can use the real deal Peeps or pictures of Peeps. Not trying to tell you what to do but if you use the real deal then you can eat them afterwards – just sayin’!

9. “Our egg will be hatching…” Easter pregnancy announcement

This is another good phrase for the letterboard. “Our egg will be hatching in _____ “ and fill in the blank with the month you are due! You could even put the phrase on a small sign to put in an Easter basket. And then surround the sign with some little stuffed baby chicks!

10. Use a onesie

A lot of people choose to share their exciting news by wrapping up a onesie and gifting it to family or friends. So do this but make it Easter! Put a little chick, bunny, or egg on the front with a catchy saying along the lines of, “Baby_____ (last name) hatching in _____ (due date).”

11. Easter egg hunt

I totally get that some people might find this, for lack of better words, gross. But if you can find a golden egg big enough to fit your positive pregnancy test, how awesome of a surprise would that be?! They will never see it coming!

It obviously depends on how comfortable you are with the crowd, and I would recommend wiping the test down really well with some antibacterial wipes before stuffing it in the egg.

And if the pregnancy test idea is a no-go for you, you can always tuck an ultrasound picture in there instead!

12. Maternity shirt Easter pregnancy announcement

“Egg-specting” Need I say more? Here are a few of my other favorite sayings that can be put on a shirt to announce your news:

  • Mama Bunny
  • I’m pre-egg-nant
  • I have an egg-citing announcement

13. Paint it on a large egg

This would be a fun little DIY project, especially if you have a creative spirit!

Find a large wooden egg, paint it a pretty pastel color (even better if you know the sex, you can choose the color accordingly), and write the announcement on the egg. You can word it however you choose but something along the lines of “Baby _____ hatching _____ (due date or just the month). 

You can then use the egg as a prop or decoration in your baby’s nursery!

14. Gift an ultrasound picture in a plastic egg

Instead of an Easter egg hunt where someone finds the ultrasound picture (or pregnancy test!), simply give someone an egg with the surprise inside!

You could even wrap the egg up as a present! I bet your family and friends would be really confused when they opened the gift to find a single plastic egg. And imagine their shock when they see what’s inside that plastic egg!

There you have it, mama to be, 14 of the very best Easter pregnancy announcements for you! If you like what you have read in this article, be sure to check out these other FREE Mommy Labor Nurse resources below!

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Liesel Teen, RN-BSN

Liesel Teen

BSN, RN, Practicing Labor and Delivery Nurse

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