Best Crib Mattress for Your Baby’s Best Night of Sleep

Last Updated: January 30, 2024
Liesel Teen, RN-BSN

By Liesel Teen

BSN, RN, Practicing Labor and Delivery Nurse

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Wondering what the best crib mattress for your little one is but unsure where you should even start? With so many mattress companies out there (and even more mattress variations!), the whole process is a bit intimidating.

If you can relate to this then you are in the right place, mama! This article is all about what to look for in a crib mattress, and breaks down the best crib mattresses based on six different categories.

Are you ready to learn more? Let’s go!

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What to look for in a crib mattress?


The most important thing when it comes to crib mattresses is safety. Like cribs and other baby gear, mattresses go through some pretty intense testing and inspection by a third party. 

But still, safety is obviously very important when it comes to anything your baby will be spending a lot of time on so you can never be too sure!

Firmness & comfort

Firmness and comfort go hand-in-hand. And actually, they are both tied to safety as well. As part of the American Academy of Pediatrics safe sleep guidelines, infants should always use a firm, flat mattress with a fitted sheet to sleep. (source)


You will find crib mattresses in a wide variety of prices, emphasis on wide! Just like cribs, some mattresses are basic, while others have fancy features. 

Because of all the safety testing that mattresses endure, don’t feel pressured to purchase a high-end mattress. Keep in mind that a higher price tag doesn’t always mean higher quality.


This one is pretty simple! You are either looking for a standard size crib mattress or a mattress to fit a mini crib. The majority of mattresses you will see are standard sized but make sure to check the fine print. 


One luxury feature of some crib mattresses is the ability to wash them! You heard me, there are crib mattresses that are 100% washable! With the possibility of spit-up, blowouts, and other middle-of-the-night accidents, a washable mattress or cover is a definite perk!

Another feature to pay attention to is breathability. Modern technology is allowing mattresses to be 100% breathable, which is extremely appealing to a parent concerned about safe sleep.

Though here’s what the AAP has to say about breathability and SIDS, “There is no evidence that special crib mattresses and sleep surfaces that claim to reduce the chance of rebreathing carbon dioxide when the infant is in the prone position reduce the risk of SIDS.” (source)

I’m not saying that a “100% breathability” claim is insignificant. I just don’t want you to break the bank or feel a certain way if you don’t purchase one of those mattresses. 

You may come across organic mattresses in your search as well. Two things to say on this topic. First, you will pay more for a mattress that’s labeled organic. Second, it might not make that much of a difference after all. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am not here to say breathability and organic aren’t important. Just a gentle reminder to determine the features that are important to you, set a budget, do your research, and then purchase!

How much should I spend on a crib mattress?

This is a bit of a loaded question. I just discussed above how crib mattresses can get pretty fancy and ultimately pretty pricey too.

How much you should spend on a crib mattress is entirely up to you. Crib mattresses range anywhere from $30 all the way up to $1000+. Most parents-to-be wind up purchasing one somewhere in between those two ranges.

How long will my baby use a crib mattress?

Also a great question – how long will your baby use a crib mattress? Depending on the kind of mattress you purchase and how well it’s taken care of, a crib mattress can last up to 5 years. 

Does this mean you need to keep it for 5 years? No. Does this mean that you should toss it the day it hits the 5 year mark? Also no. But 3-5 years is the typical lifespan for most crib mattresses. 

These days, a lot of cribs actually convert to toddler, twin, or daybeds. This means that the mattress will convert with them, if you choose to go this route. 

Often parents end up passing the crib mattress down to baby brother or sister (if/when the time comes), so there is a good chance that mattress will be sticking around for a few years at least.

Types of crib mattresses

Gone are the days of two or three crib mattresses to choose from. With so many crib mattresses on the market it can feel daunting, to say the least, knowing where to begin. If this is you – don’t stress – I’ve got you covered! 

Below I’m going to discuss my favorite crib mattresses based on six different categories!

Best crib mattresses in every category

You will find a more detailed description of each if you keep reading. But for your convenience, we’ve compiled all the mattresses into one list for you. To access, just click the button below!

1. Best all-around crib mattress

Graco Premium Crib & Toddler Mattress

Made with high density foam, this Graco mattress is both GREENGUARD Gold Certified and Formaldehyde Free Certified. Extra fancy ways of saying it has been screened for more than 10,000 chemicals. 

Another thing I love about this mattress is that it has a soft, removable outer cover that zips off. No matter how hard you try to avoid it, spills and accidents are bound to happen. Being able to wash the cover is a total game changer!

It’s also designed to fit any full-size crib or toddler bed, making it a great option if you want it to grow with your little one! And finally, one of the best perks, you can get all of this (and more!) for around $100. 

This mattress checks pretty much all the boxes and won’t break the bank. A win-win if you ask me!

2. Best budget crib mattress

Delta Children Dual Sided Crib and Toddler Mattress

This mattress is GREENGUARD Gold Certified and free from harmful materials and chemicals. The mattress is finished with square corners, making it a secure and safe fit for a crib and/or toddler bed. 

This mattress is durable, safe, and affordable. What’s more, it has a waterproof, vinyl cover making it super easy to clean. 

This mattress is a great option for anyone but especially those wanting to keep the price low. You can find this highly rated mattress for right around $60!

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3. Best non-toxic crib mattress

Naturepedic Organic Baby Crib Mattress

This organic mattress is 100% GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and passes all government flammability requirements, all while maintaining UL/GREENGUARD certifications for low chemical emissions. 

Going beyond the minimum requirements for organic certification, Naturepedic strives for a higher standard when it comes to eliminating questionable chemicals in favor of natural, organic, and non-toxic materials.

This certified organic mattress is also fully waterproof to help prevent the growth of mold and bacteria and makes cleanups a breeze! One downside to this mattress is the price. Unfortunately, things that are deemed organic and better for you and the environment, typically carry a hefty price tag. 

I’m not here to say that the price isn’t justified. I do, however, know that you can get a high-quality, safe mattress for not quite as much. But if it’s in the budget, you won’t regret this one!

4. Best breathable crib mattress

Newton Baby Crib Mattress and Toddler Bed

I’m a big Newton mattress fan! Not only do these mattresses have a soft, quilted, removable cover that can be washed but the actual mattress itself is 100% washable too!

Newton mattresses are made with breathe-thru technology to help reduce the risk of suffocation, helping you and your little one sleep better. 

Also GREENGUARD Gold Certified, the mattress is made of 90% air and 10% food-grade polymer, making it even more breathable than other leading organic mattresses. What’s more, this mattress will carry you into the toddler years too!

5. Best memory foam crib mattress

Milliard Premium Memory Foam Hypoallergenic Infant Crib Mattress

This is one of the best of the best when it comes to memory foam crib mattresses! Made with a firmer foam base and topped with quality memory foam, you can rest assured your little one will sleep like a baby (ha!) on this mattress!

With superior construction, the memory foam will not lose its shape and is made to last for years. Speaking of lasting for years, the mattress is dual-sided, one side for infants and the other for toddlers. 

An added bonus – the cover is removable and washable! You can snag this mattress, with all its perks, for under $90. 

6. Best spring crib mattress

Dream On Me Twilight Coil Inner Spring Crib and Toddler Mattress

This mattress is extra firm yet supportive. It is 5 inches thick and made with 88 interwoven, heat tempered coils with a spring middle layer. A protective polyurethane foam wrap on each side offers a plush sleeping surface.

It has a triple laminated, stain-resistant, waterproof cover to help protect against spills. GREENGUARD Gold and JPMA Certified, you can rest assured this mattress is not only comfortable but safe too!

You can get this for right around $50. Not bad, especially considering it can last your little one into their toddler years too! 

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Liesel Teen, RN-BSN

Liesel Teen

BSN, RN, Practicing Labor and Delivery Nurse

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