Best Baby Walkers

Last Updated: May 14, 2024
Liesel Teen, RN-BSN

By Liesel Teen

BSN, RN, Practicing Labor and Delivery Nurse

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It might be hard to think about baby walkers if you are still carrying that little bundle of joy around in your belly but the time will be here before you know it. Today is all about the best baby walkers on the market!

So whether you have a little one on the way or a little one already in your house, you might want to put a baby walker on your radar. Without further ado, all things baby walkers, let’s do it!

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Why do I need a baby walker?

Do you need a baby walker? No. Does a baby walker have benefits? Yes! The primary purpose of a baby walker is to, well, just what it sounds like, help your baby learn to walk. There are all different types of baby walkers on the market these days. Some are very basic while others offer lots of features.

There can be benefits to using a walker with your little one. Baby walkers can help with muscle strength and coordination, help your little one develop a sense of balance, provide entertainment, and promote confidence as your little one is learning to be more mobile.

There’s not one set age that’s appropriate for all babies when it comes to beginning to use a walker. Different babies hit milestones at different paces. I would say 6-9 (ish) months is a pretty good guide for when you can introduce a walker to your baby. Again, not a one size fits all sort of thing, don’t rush it, just wait until your baby is showing signs that he or she is developmentally ready.

What features to look for in a baby walker

There are some features you might want to keep in mind when considering a baby walker.


Of course you want your baby’s walker to be sturdy, stable, and safe to avoid any unnecessary injuries. Some things to consider:

  • Locking wheels 
  • Safety harness and/or seat
  • Nontoxic material (let’s be honest, their mouth will end up on it one way or another)

Developmental features

  • Adjustable height
  • Music and sounds
  • Interactive toys

Comfort and convenience

  • Cleaning ease
  • Foldability for storage
  • Padded seat

Types of baby walkers

  • Seated: with a seated walker baby sits in a little seat that is suspended a little bit off the ground and the whole contraption is on wheels. Some of them have trays or interactive toys or music but baby can just walk around the house, fully supported, in a seated walker
  • Push: a push walker is as simple as it sounds, a structure on wheels with a bar for baby to hold onto. Some are interactive and have additional features and some are basic with very minimal bells and whistles
  • Sit-to-stand: this type of walker can be used for entertaining baby when they are smaller, before they are able to pull up or walk with assistance (but sitting independently). Once baby grows a little bit and can pull up and walk with assistance, the entertainment center (on wheels) turns into a walker
  • Convertible: starts out as a seated walker and then transitions into more of a push walker as baby grows and becomes more confident and independent
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The best baby walkers

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for! Drum roll, please….the best baby walkers on the market.

1. Best overall baby walker

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker


This walker pretty much has it all. It’s a walker activity center combo that offers music, lights, interactive entertainment, sit-to-stand walking, and more! The entertainment panel on the front is can be removed and placed on the ground for those little ones that aren’t quite ready to use the walker feature.

It helps with development of movement and stability with a two a two-speed control switch. It also encourages balance development as well as fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The fun and developmental features are endless with this sit-to-stand walker!


This walker offers lots of pros! Colorful keys that play musical notes, 3 shape sorters and colorful spinning rollers for fine motor skill development, a telephone handset for creativity and role playing, so much to offer.

Another perk is the price! You can get all of this for right around $40 – that’s hard to beat! What’s more, the walker comes in four different color schemes so there’s one for everyone. If you don’t believe me, you can check out the almost 90,000 wonderful reviews on Amazon about this product.


The biggest con (for some) with this walker is the fact that it’s plastic. I know this isn’t a dealbreaker for everyone but I also know plenty of mamas that prefer a more environmentally friendly option such as natural wood.

2. Best budget baby walker

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

This one is too good, I just had to put it on the list twice! As far as the price tag goes, you aren’t going to get more “bang for your buck” in the baby walker world! A $40 (give or take) price tag coupled with all the wonderful features this walker offers (discussed in more depth above) makes this walker the best budget baby walker out there!

3. Best compact and portable baby walker

Wismind Foldable Baby Walker


Are you looking for a baby walker but maybe a little tight on the space? I have the one for you! The Wismind foldable walker is ah-mazing and folds almost completely flat. Made of environmentally friendly PP plastic with a thick aluminum tube frame, this walker is stable and supportive too.

It offers several different modes (heights) that adapt to your baby as he or she grows and becomes more confident and independent with standing and walking. A wraparound tray offers lots of space for snacks or toys. The seat cushion can be removed and washed as needed and the wheels come off for easy cleaning!

When folded down, the walker sits just over 5 inches tall. The size of the circular base doesn’t change when folded, almost 27 inches wides, but it can be easily be stored thanks to how flat it is. If space is an issue for you or you just want something that can easily be tucked away I would highly recommend this walker!


The biggest pro is that this walker is foldable and can be easily stored. It also offers several adjustable heights, allowing it to grow with your child. Large, universal wheels allow baby to move freely 360 degrees plus they are quiet and won’t damage your floors. There are brakes on the wheels that keep it in place if needed.


The biggest con, in my opinion, is the fact that it doesn’t come with any built-in toys, music, or gadgets. There is a large wraparound tray, big enough to put your own toys on, but nothing actually comes with the walker.

Another potential con is the price. It costs right around $100 on Amazon but I do frequently see it marked down a bit so be sure to follow it for any sales that might pop up!

4. Most splurge worthy baby walker

Delta Children Lil Play Station 4-in-1 Activity Walker


This is a 4-in-1 activity center, rocker, bouncer, and walker all together! It offers 3 different height adjustments to allow it to grow with your little one. You can easily convert it from a baby walker to a rocker, stationary activity center, or bouncer. The seat pad is machine washable and there is a quick release toy tray that can double as snack tray.


Lots of pros about this activity center and walker combo with the biggest one being the 4-in-1, convertible aspect. The fact that this is 4 different baby toys all wrapped into one makes it splurge worthy, in my opinion.


It does come with a little bigger price tag when compared to other baby walkers on the market. If you think about what you are getting though, activity center, rocker, bouncer, and walker all wrapped into one though it’s really not bad.

5. Best ride on baby walker

Radio Flyer Busy Buggy


I know this isn’t a big thing but it’s still a thing – looks. As far as looks go, this cute little ride on walker might just be my favorite! I’m a big fan of all Radio Flyer products, I love the cute and classic vibe they offer.

In addition to being cute, the Busy Buggy comes with 17 (!) different sensory activities that encourage imaginative play and will keep your little one entertained. It doubles as a ride-on and push walker, helping your child build confidence and balance as they learn to walk.


So, we already know the Busy Buggy is cute, right?! With a name like Busy Buggy there’s no way you couldn’t be cute. This walker offers more than just cuteness though. I already mentioned that it has 17 different sensory activities to keep your little one entertained for a while. In addition, it can be used as a ride-on and a push walker.

Other perks include storage space under the seat, a weight capacity of up to 42 lbs (a lot more than other walkers), an anti-tip feature to ensure safety, and more. You can score this sweet Busy Buggy for under $40.


6. Best convertible baby walker

Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in-1 Baby Activity Walker


This convertible walker is simple, safe, and reliable. It offers 2 stages so it can grow with your baby as they grow. Stage 1 is a seated activity center. Stage 2 is a walk-behind push walker. When used as an activity center, it offers several built-in toys plus an easy to clean tray with cup holder. What’s more, this activity center walker combo folds flat for storage and travel.


A big pro that’s offered is the 2-in-1 activity center and walker combination. It features an extra wide base for increased stability as well as skid-resistant friction pads for safety. The seat pad can easily be removed and thrown into the washing machine when needed.

Again, the walker can be folded flat and easily tucked away for storage or thrown in a car for travel.


I said earlier, it’s a pretty simple walker. Some of them out there are super fancy with all kinds of bells and whistles. I would consider this to be more of a “middle of the road” walker when it comes extras. Some might view that as a con while some aren’t phased one bit.

7. Best interactive baby walker

Cute Stone Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker


At first glance, this one looks pretty similar to the VTech sit-to-stand learning walker. And in a lot of ways it is actually very similar. What sets this one apart from VTech’s walker (and other similar walkers) is the fact that you can actually remove the front panel and then turn it into it’s own little free-standing activity center.

This walker is also made of safe, non-toxic ABS material with smooth edges. The removable panel comes with a shape recognition block, a rattle, a detachable basketball frame, and more. The handle of the learning walker can be adjusted up and down to fit your child’s height. It’s designed with a scientific triangular structure to keep baby steady and safe.


I love that the front panel actually converts to it’s own little activity center instead of just putting the panel on the floor. I know it’s not a huge deal but I think it makes a difference. When it comes to safety, there are a lot of features to ensure your little one stays safe. The stable triangular structure, the built-in weight box, two different adjustable speeds, an anti-slip, adjustable handle are just a few of those features.

The scientific ergonomic design encourages baby to learn the proper and safe way to walk while also helping support your little one’s sensitive knees.


I would say the biggest con with this walker is that it’s not a “well-known” brand name. That doesn’t matter for a lot of people. I’m not here to say that off-brand products can’t be great – I am actually the owner of many off-brand products myself. I’m just saying that some people prefer a more known brand when purchasing certain products (especially when it comes to baby products.)

Are baby walkers safe?

This is a pretty controversial topic actually. Even with all the added safety features that a lot of these companies put in place it’s still easy to see how and why people might view baby walkers as being unsafe.

Here is my take on it, I think that if used appropriately, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and always providing supervision, baby walkers can be safe for your little one. If not used appropriately or your baby isn’t closely monitored when using one, they can quickly and easily become unsafe.

I strongly encourage you to do your research, maybe even talk to your pediatrician, and just trust your judgement when shopping for not only baby walkers, but any product for your baby.

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Liesel Teen, RN-BSN

Liesel Teen

BSN, RN, Practicing Labor and Delivery Nurse

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