40+ Beautiful and Unique Gender Reveal Ideas You’ll Love

Last Updated: June 19, 2024
Liesel Teen, RN-BSN

By Liesel Teen

BSN, RN, Practicing Labor and Delivery Nurse

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Hey Mama! Looking for gender reveal ideas? You are in the right place!

Finding out the gender of your baby can be a really exciting time, mama! And more and more of us are finding fun ways to share the big news.

!That’s why I wanted to put together this guide. We’ve covered gender reveal games, gender reveal shirts, gender reveal decorations AND SO MUCH MORE!

There are so many clever and creative ideas out there to make your own gender reveal party the most special time imaginable for you, your partner, and that little one cooking inside!

[Gender reveal] Party ON, Mama!

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Gender Reveal Themes

The first thing you really have to think about is what theme you want to go with if want one at all. Having a theme makes it way easier to really dial into what you need.

Picking a gender reveal party theme, though, THAT can be hard, lady.

Online you have tons of unique gender reveal ideas, Pinterest being a great example.

Once you’ve decided on the what, all you have left to do is check out HOW (and where to buy it).

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Amazon Baby Gender Reveal

Amazon is a fantastic option in making all your unique gender reveal ideas to become realities.

Here are a few of my very favorite gender reveal party ideas and decor from Amazon (more below!):

200 Piece Gender Reveal Party Kit

This huge party decoration kit adds maximum value without leaving your piggy bank broke. With so much included, you’ll have to do very little more, if anything, to make this a very special day.

Revealations Confetti & Powder Reveal Set

This combo set includes poppers that puff powder and confetti, making for a very safe airborne experience that will wow your guests. Buy more than one and supply the entire party!

Gender Reveal Metallic Hanging Decorations

These metallic hanging decorations run just about the right size to cover any doorway. They can also be used in more creative ways, like making a semi-transparent photo booth or running the length of the wall behind the food or games or gifts.

Gender Reveal Party Posters

These adorable party posters give your guests some entertainment and a little excitement. Let them get their guesses in, join a team, and even track those funny old wives’ tales that supposedly predict the gender!

Bumpity Gender Reveal Game (charades… ish)

This lovely little deck of cards provides guests with hours of fun as they try to get the group to guess baby-related clues using charades-style rules.

Gender Scrambler 20 Pack Word Puzzles

This set of word scramble puzzles is good for hours of entertainment, or diversity across the room. Place them at each table or sitting area so that guests can have some fun while they take a time-out or get some much-needed snacks. Make a contest out of it, even!

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Etsy Baby Gender Reveal

If you’re looking for a more made-to-order experience, check out Etsy, where hundreds of thousands of small shops and artisans sit ready to tinker your dream party into existence!

I love Etsy because you can support artisans and not just corporations!

Gender Reveal Decorations

The best place to start your gender reveal party planning is with decor. Depending on your choices in gender reveal themes, you’ll want to work through all the resources that might give you the best deals.

Gender Reveal Decorations: Amazon

Gender Reveal Balloon Drop

This balloon drop is easy to set up and makes for a fun surprise when what just looked like a banner becomes the announcement itself, or at least a beautiful accent to mark your announcement.

Assorted Balloon Kit for Gender Reveal

This set of assorted balloons is perfect if you want to keep the decor to a minimum but want maximum class. Foil “girl” and “boy” balloons create a center point for 4 other types of balloons, giving this kit a beautiful and elegant feel.

161 Piece Assorted Gender Reveal Party Kit

This kit is positively brimming with everything you need for a fantastic party. Blue and pink balloons, a beautiful centerpiece and banner, and cake toppers and stickers besides! 

Gender Reveal Decorations Near Me

If you want to find the perfect local artisan or store to ensure that you’re getting a maximum value and something you can see and touch before buying, be sure to check out your local business listings on the Internet.

For us, there are a lot of great little party supply stores and even some local artisans that sell their work in online classified ads space.

Take the time to find them; this is some stellar work and fully customizable.

Gender Reveal Games

Once your decorations are planned out, think about your agenda. Most parties have games, which reduces the burden of entertaining all your guests.

Not only that, but it’s a great way to make a unique spin on old gender reveal ideas. It’s old made new, and the options are limitless.

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Gender Reveal Piñata

I was absolutely blindsided by this one. Having a gender reveal piñata was one of the single most popular things I found when looking into the topic for you.

A ridiculous amount of people look for piñatas for a unique gender reveal party.

Your theme is what counts, here. What kind of piñata speaks to your style or your crowd?

Question Mark Gender Reveal Piñata

This pink and blue piñata is perfect for someone who is going for simplicity. 

Bow and Bowtie Square Piñata

The bright colors make this an easy attention piece to really set off all your other unique gender reveal ideas.

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Gender Reveal Paint Party

As far as unique gender reveal party ideas go, having a paint party is absolutely my favorite.

There are sooo many different games you can play with paint, from just a regular paint night style activity to a structured “paint by numbers” sort of approach that culminates in everyone using the “special paint” that you’ve set aside for the final elements of the painting–which reveal the gender with the color that is in the last tube of paint.

Refillable Paint Tubes

These refillable tubes are perfect for that “last tube” in the paint party. Make sure you’re policing the crowd so no one peeks!

Acrylic Paint Set

Depending on the size of your party you might need to buy a few of these, but remember that everyone doesn’t need every color. You can make a communal pool of paints or get a few to spread across the room.

Paint Night Kit

This starter set for paint night is perfect for your Bob Ross Gender Reveal. Whip up a couple of these babies for a larger crowd, and you’ll only need a beard and an afro to complete the set.

Color Party Gender Reveal / Rainbow Gender Reveal

If you’ve ever taken part in a color festival at a Hare Krishna temple, you’ll know how much fun colored chalk powder can be.

Basing your party and ultimate reveal around this can help channel all that positive energy without breaking the bank.

Chameleon Colors Pink and Blue Chalk Powder

This pink and blue chalk will be perfect for your reveal. Do can load it into professionally designed chalk cannons, fill balloons with it, or just prepare a few inside men with handfuls to stream around the room.

Gender Reveal Handheld Chalk Cannons

Speaking of professionally designed chalk cannons, here are a set of beauties. these little cannons are specifically designed for safety while delivering a maximum pop. Be sure to warn your guests about staying safe–cannons have caused injury at gender reveal parties in the past.

Him vs Her Team Chalk Cannons

These equally safe chalk cannons are meant more for the storm before your reveal. Arm guests with these and you’ll have a blue and pink miasma before any announcing ever begins!

Baby Registry Guide

Fun Ways to Reveal Baby Gender

Other ways to reveal the gender can really help you tap into the potential for fun games that will have your party-goers laughing and celebrating right through to the end.

If you time it right, you can actually have multiple games or reveal ideas running in concert, so that guests can be playing different games or watching different reveal displays at the same time.

Gender Reveal Scratch-Off

He or She Scratch-Off Gender Reveal

These gender reveal cards have a coin-style scratch off. These are great for a “find out in your own time” sort of approach, if the focus is more about being together. If that’s not you, you can also always encourage guests to leave the scratch-off intact until the moment of your reveal, and then have the party-goers scratch at the same time.

“What Will the Stork Bring” Scratch-Off Gender Reveal

These gender reveal scratch-off cards have a lighter and more animated graphic, making them great for a more informal party.

Contest-Style Scratch-Off Cards

These cards aren’t a gender reveal but can make for a great entertainment piece. You can invent a grand prize, maybe the privilege of being part of the reveal. 

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Gender Reveal Candles

Homesick Brand Gender Reveal Candle

This scented candle has a heat-activated label that will turn either pink or blue, depending on which one you buy.

Color-changing Gender Reveal Candle (It’s a boy!)

The wax in these little beauties actually changes color, making these a much more aesthetic approach to your slow-burn pregnancy reveal. This listing is for the “It’s a boy” version. After about 15-20 minutes, the wax will slowly turn from white to blue.

Color-changing Gender Reveal Candle (It’s a girl!)

This listing is the “It’s a girl” version, so the wax will turn slowly from white to pink.

Gender Reveal Cakes

“How we wonder what you are” Cake Topper

This cake topper is adorable and features a sparkly coating. The reference to Twinkle Twinkle is just about enough to melt any heart out there.

Girl or Boy Cupcake Toppers

If you want all your guests to have an up-close and personal perspective on the cake, cupcakes are a great way to set that off. These little cake toppers are perfect when evenly mixed around the room.

Precious Moments-Style Elephant Cake Topper

If you are after a more subtle and classy approach, albeit an adorable one, this gray cake topper keeps it neutral without sacrificing any cuteness.

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Gender Reveal Picture Ideas

No gender reveal party is complete without some awesome gender reveal pictures for Facebook, Instagram, and some good old fashion email and print!

Make them special by really diving deep into the theme and your own personal style to ensure everyone sees your touch in them instantly.

Gender Reveal Picture Ideas with Sibling(s)

Sibling pictures are huge and a very easy win.

It’s beautiful to be able to include big brother or big sister in the process. Make them a star, and it will go a long way to easing the sting of not being the center of attention.

Big Sister To A Little Mister Girls T-Shirt

This is an adorable way to make your little girl the central point to an announcement, whether on pictures or in person. The seller offers a load of different options,  gender reveal or otherwise.

Brother Shark & Baby Shark Outfits

This adorable shirt and onesie combo are perfect for your little one’s gender reveal. Have your oldest (only?) hold the onesie out for the camera, but be sure his shirt is visible too!

Big Sister & Little Sister Outfits

Letter Board Gender Reveals

A lot of couples use letter boards to provide some text to their unique gender reveal ideas. You can go all out with a fully customizable alphabetical board or just fake it, but the quality shows.

Double-Sided Felt Letter Board

This letter board features a black and a gray side so that your letters can be arrayed in two alternate sets of contrast.

One-Sided Letterboard with Flip-Side Whiteboard

If you want options and can’t quite decide what you’re going to do once the camera starts snapping, get this reversible felt letter board with a whiteboard on the back.

Premium Gray Letterboard with Emojis

This felt board includes not only letters but emojis, making it an incredibly expressive alternative.

Gender Reveal Shirts and Onesies

Nothing says baby like onesie. Especially if the onesie says something about baby. Put your minds together for something clever.

If you have a baby and are expecting more, this is a great solution for the big reveal.

Custom Onesie #1

Custom Onesie #2

You can imagine how much you can do with something like this. The last is a premium version that allows you to provide graphics, photographs, basically anything else you might like to tack on. These are perfect for the baby big brother or sister-to-be, or even just as a prop for you and your significant other.

Chalkboard Gender Reveals

The letter board is great but there’s a lovely vintage cuteness to a charming little chalkboard. Set this against an earthy setting like a barn or field of tall grass.

Standing Sandwich Board Chalkboard

This freestanding board will give you photos a very professional look, given its classy design and snappy frame.

Desktop Chalkboard

This 9.5″ x 14″ chalkboard will be a great addition to close-ups and crowded family frames. 

Hanging Chalkboards

These suspended boards are perfect for dangling in a hand, from a tree branch, or even around someone’s neck. Bring the family together for a collective all-hands grab for an adorable family photo.

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Ultrasound Gender Reveals

Some of my very favorite gender reveal pictures are of couples holding up an ultrasound. No other clues in sight. The message? Figure it out for yourself, we’re busy kissing or hugging or doing whatever it is that we’re doing in the picture.

White Ultrasound Frames

These little placards are great for getting the job done. Easy to install and lightweight, they can travel wherever you’re headed.

Premium Ultrasound Frame & Felt Letterboard

Two birds with one stone is always great. Get a cute ultrasound into the frame and send the message in felt letter board style!

Desktop Ultrasound and Picture Frame

This beautiful three-set freestanding picture frame fits ultrasound perfectly!

Private Gender Reveal Ideas

If you aren’t one for a big party, or just want to make sure the most important folks know first, consider throwing together a private function where you can either just talk through it or give small fun clues.

Having Gender Reveal at a Restaurant

I love the idea of just asking your most important people out for dinner. No strings attached. Pay your own way or not. But during dinner, you use small visual hints or conspicuous verbal cues to help them down the path to discovery.

Things like t-shirts or otherwise mundane objects can be great ways to immerse your family or friends with hints. It becomes a game of how long they take to figure it out.

Unique Gender Reveal to Husband

If you are the type of girl who sits and wonders how to surprise your husband with the baby gender, it’s worth taking time to make it fun

If you want my opinion about how to do a gender reveal with just you and your husband, I would always lean toward intimacy and good clean fun.

Take the time to collect items that will give him hints, blue panties, or a pink contraceptive. Make him dinner, and dye the ingredients to fit the gender. Find things that speak to intimacy and the gender of the baby at once!

Gender Reveal to Dad and Mom

Mom and dad are great candidates for the restaurant reveal.

If that’s not your thing or theirs, take the time to consider what fits them best. Is it an at-home meal or activity? Do you take them out for coffee or fro-yo?

Gender Reveal Ideas for Family

This is similar to mom and dad, but typically you can get a little crazier. Do something fun and awesome together, and draw them in with the same kinds of clues–a pink helmet for the go-carts, a baby blue swimming suit for the pool. Go out and have fun, and let them find out on their own.

Once you have your family informed, they become elbow grease for your party, so be sure to do it early.

Long Distance Gender Reveal

Repurposing greeting cards can be great for a long distance but special announcement. Use a picture reveal, or get more creative and do something like sending Hershey bars with HE or SHE colored in, enough for the entire household.

Just remember…

What will you choose for your party, mama?

Regardless of which direction you go or what tools you use to get there, be sure to enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

The gender reveal party is as much for you as it is for them!

Take the time to do it in a way that is personally satisfying to you by taking full advantage of the very best and unique gender reveal party ideas you can find!

Happy party-making, mama!

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Liesel Teen, RN-BSN

Liesel Teen

BSN, RN, Practicing Labor and Delivery Nurse

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