The Best Pregnancy Books to Support You On This Journey

Last Updated: March 6, 2024
Liesel Teen, RN-BSN

By Liesel Teen

BSN, RN, Practicing Labor and Delivery Nurse

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Pregnancy is a journey filled with alllllll the emotions. And while these emotions are mostly positive for the majority of people, it’s no surprise that it also leaves some feeling overwhelmed and anxious. 

To help calm some of those feelings of uneasiness I have put together this article just for you! Today I’m going to share the best pregnancy books to support you on your pregnancy journey. 

There are websites, Instagram accounts, and podcasts galore regarding pregnancy and pregnancy education. And while there are so many benefits to electronic resources, sometimes you just can’t beat a good, old fashioned book in your hands.

Without wasting another second, here are my top 10 favorite pregnancy books to support you in pregnancy!

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I’ll cover each of the ten books in a little bit of detail below (listed in no particular order), but if you want to see all the books in one place, click the button below!

This is a classic when it comes to pregnancy books. Some even refer to it as “America’s pregnancy bible”. Originally published in 2016, it has been updated multiple times to stay current with changing information. 

This book has it all! It covers everything from conception to birth (and beyond!) and answers all your burning questions. There’s a reason over 21 million copies have been sold. You can’t go wrong with this one, mama!

Author Emily Oster uses her economics background and expertise coupled with her personal experience to debunk common pregnancy myths. In this book, Emily explains everything from the real effects of caffeine to the surprising dangers of gardening in pregnancy (who knew!?).

Emily has two children herself and is a professor of economics at Brown University. She is also the author of three other books in the pregnancy and parenting space. Expecting Better, originally published in 2014, was fully revised and updated in 2021. The main purpose of this book is to empower mamas and mamas-to-be to make educated decisions during pregnancy.

You can’t go wrong with something written by Mayo Clinic, ammirite? Straight from their childbirth experts, this book covers detailed information about fertility, prenatal care, common pregnancy symptoms, and childbirth. 

This comprehensive guide will be your go-to source for answering all (the ordinary and not so ordinary!) questions that come up during pregnancy. Whether you are a first-time parent or in need of a little refresher, this book provides invaluable information and advice about all things pregnancy.

There is an updated version of this book that will be released July of 2024 if timing allows you to hold out for it!

This book is a must-have guide for expectant mamas and their partners! Author Dawn Dais offers honest and laugh out loud advice for expecting parents. This is actually book four in Dawn’s book series on parenting.

If you are looking for a light and funny alternative to pregnancy education then you just might have found your match with this book!

Emphasis on simplest here, and I mean that in the best way possible! This book is an illustrated grab-and-do guide to help moms gain confidence in their ability to progress through their pregnancy journey. 

As a visual learner myself, I love how illustrated this book is! It contains more than 700 playful, yet instructive graphics to make learning faster and easier. Key chapters start with essential lists of products, including a handy little checklist for everything you will need. 

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This book takes a week-by-week approach to pregnancy education. It includes 40+ weekly goals, focusing on nutrition and milestone trackers, questions for your providers, and tips on caring for your newborn – all to help prepare you for pregnancy and your baby’s birth-day!

In addition to weekly goals, this book offers a week-by-week rundown of your baby’s development, pregnancy symptoms, major appointments, and more. You will also find postpartum prep that focuses on emotional health, physical healing, taking care of your newborn, and thriving as a new mama!

Become a supportive partner with this go-to guide to fatherhood. This book provides all the need-to-know information on how to be a fully prepared and supportive parent. Organized by each month of pregnancy, this book explains what to expect and when to expect it.

This book will not only help your significant other be the best possible support person during pregnancy but during the postpartum period as well. Author Adrian Kulp has published a total of six books and is a father to four kids! This book is truly a great option if you are looking for something for the partner in your life.

Editors, Paula Amato, MD and Maggie Blott, MBBS, offer their advice and expertise to expecting mamas to help them feel supported and informed during pregnancy. This guide will help count down every single day from conception to the first two weeks postpartum. 

This book includes guidance on nutrition and exercise, and features Q&A’s with both moms and pregnancy experts. One unique feature of this book is the illustrated artwork that shows fetal development throughout the stages of pregnancy. I think you’re going to love this one, mama!

This question and answer guide covers some of the most commonly asked questions about pregnancy. It is packed full of colorful photographs and illustrations and reviews 300 different, pregnancy related topics. It is organized by theme, making it easy to find the relevant information you need!

Every section is accompanied by an engaging Q&A style format with illustrations and infographics to help you better understand what’s going on with your baby and yourself during pregnancy. 

Last, but certainly not least, Bumpin’. From safe cosmetics to all the expected and unexpected pregnancy symptoms, Bumpin’ covers it all! Author Leslie Schrock has over a decade of experience advising women’s healthcare and technology companies and is a mama herself!

Written while she was pregnant, Leslie turned her personal journey into this book. Having consulted a wide network of experts along the way, from doulas and prenatal trainers, to obstetricians and midwives, this book gives off a warm, funny, and non-judgemental vibe.

Wrapping up

There are so many pregnancy books on the market, it can seem impossible to narrow it down to just one. I hope this article leads you to the very best book to support you and your growing little one on your pregnancy journey. 

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Liesel Teen, RN-BSN

Liesel Teen

BSN, RN, Practicing Labor and Delivery Nurse

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