The Very Best Pregnancy Apps for Your Pregnancy

Last Updated: September 29, 2023
Liesel Teen, RN-BSN

By Liesel Teen

BSN, RN, Practicing Labor and Delivery Nurse

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Pregnancy apps are a fun way to track your pregnancy and stay organized during your journey to motherhood.

I just love the way pregnancy apps deliver tailored resources and content to your exact week of pregnancy!

Different apps offer different features, such as weekly to-do lists, symptom management tips, places to log your personal info (like weight gain and supplements), and even access to community forums with mamas in the same stage of pregnancy as you!

Beyond your all-in-one pregnancy apps, there’s also a ton of great apps out there for things like nutrition, fitness, contraction timing, and fun bump pictures!

So which ones are the best pregnancy apps? Read on and find the right one for you.

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The 5 best pregnancy apps

Every mama should have a good, go-to pregnancy app on their phone! I actually had a few for tracking my pregnancy because I liked certain features from certain apps. It was also fun to get a variety of resources.

Most mamas love to read and devour as much content as they can during their pregnancies, and apps do SUCH a great job of curating content that’s tailored to where you’re at.

Here are my top picks for the best pregnancy apps to use during your pregnancy.

1. What to Expect Pregnancy & Baby Tracker App

This is a great all-in-one style pregnancy app that gives you a ton of great info and resources for your exact week of pregnancy.

  • Track baby’s growth and development
  • Learn what’s up with mama
  • Read suggested articles
  • Get tips for prenatal appointments
  • Weekly to-dos
  • Connect with out other mamas due around the same time as you with their community forum!

2. Baby Center Pregnancy Tracker

This is another awesome all-in-one app that carries you through your whole journey from TTC through babyhood.

  • Provides a pregnancy news feed
  • Nutrition and exercise tips
  • Symptom management advice
  • Helpful tools like a kick counter and name finder
  • Built-in contraction timer and so much more!
  • Baby Center also has great community forums – look for your birth club!

3. The Bump Pregnancy & Baby Tracker

The Bump is another all-in-one app that is gaining popularity among pregnant mamas! I love how this app has a fun, modern feel.

  • Provides tailored content to your week and day of pregnancy
  • Get a daily feed of articles relevant to exactly where you’re at
  • The app also provides curated pregnancy and baby products
  • There is a built-in registry feature
  • 3D visualizations of baby’s development
  • Advice for planning prenatal visits, and more!

4. Sprout Pregnancy

This pregnancy app is a little different than the first two because it has a really cool pregnancy journal built in that you can actually download and print! It lets you add in belly photos and record pregnancy milestones, moments, and thoughts each week. There are over 350 entry ideas and prompts! Talk about an awesome keepsake.

Additionally, you’ll get tools like a weight tracker, kick counter and contraction timer, checklists to stay organized, and weekly info about your developing baby and changing body.

5. The Peanut App

This app is also really different than some of the others – it’s like a dating app for moms! The Peanut App can help you find your bump buddy!

They have a pregnancy feature that can help you connect with other expecting moms in your area!

Bonus: The Mommy Labor Nurse weekly pregnancy series

Okay, so this isn’t an app – but did you know I have a FREE weekly pregnancy email series? My pregnant mamas love it!

I bring it up, because it’s not all that different than what an app does each week. Here’s what you get when you sign up:

  • Weekly content tailored to your EXACT week of pregnancy
  • Helpful info, tips, links to articles I’ve written on the blog and resources I LOVE
  • A “tip of the week” to keep you organized and prepared
  • A featured IG post that relates to the weekly topic
  • FREE Pregnancy Journal to document your pregnancy
  • Complete Guide to Labor and Delivery PDF
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Twins pregnancy app

WebMD Pregnancy App

Even though this app doesn’t have as many reviews as some others, it’s AWESOME for mamas having multiples. And actually, one of the only well-reviewed apps that even has a multiples option.

It gives tailored info for moms having twins for each week of pregnancy. You also get all the other benefits such as appointment trackers, symptom advice, questions for your provider and more!

If you’re having a twin pregnancy, this free app is a must! Use it in conjunction with a singleton app, this way you get a variety of weekly content related to pregnancy in general, but get also info related to the development of your babies!

Sadly, it’s only available for iOS right now.

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Your go-to pregnancy exercise apps

Exercise and nutrition are so important during pregnancy! Prenatal fitness has so, so many benefits. It can lead to a shorter birth, increase your odds of natural birth (if you want one!), help with your mood and temperament, boost your energy, minimize discomfort, and a whole lot more.

A pregnancy exercise app can take the guesswork out of finding workouts that are safe for you based on where you’re at in your pregnancy. Here are a few of my favorites!

1. Juna App

Hands down my favorite pregnancy exercise app, and the one I used for my entire second pregnancy! This is a subscription-based app that gives you tailored workouts for your week of pregnancy, recipe and nutrition tips, and related content.

The app has content for every week of pregnancy and through the first few months of postpartum, too!

Use code LIESEL25 for 25% off a yearly membership.  Head here to read more about the Juna App.

2. YogiBirth

Pregnancy Yoga, Meditation + Education: this app features prenatal yoga classes, guided meditations, and info for pregnancy all taught by a certified midwife, yoga teacher, and childbirth educator.

I didn’t personally use this, but I’ve heard good things – especially if yoga is your jam!

3. Expectful Pregnancy App

This app seems really cool! It’s full of guided meditations tailored to where you’re at in your motherhood journey – from trying to conceive and IVF through each trimester and beyond.

The meditations can help you bond with baby, de-stress, and even sleep if pregnancy insomnia is plaguing you.

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The best pregnancy photos app

Editing your baby bump photos with an app is super fun! All of these apps are great, they come with a variety of layouts, stickers, customizable text, fun fonts and more.

You really can’t go wrong, these are all highly reviewed and can be used through pregnancy and beyond to create cute baby milestone photos, too!

  1. Baby Pics App (available for iOS and Android)
  2. Tiny Beans – this app lets you customize your photos with cute sticker and layouts AND let’s you share privately within the app – like your own private social media platform (available for iOS and Android)
  3. Baby Story App (only available on iOS)
  4. Pregnancy Pics – Stickers for Baby Bump Photos (only available on iOS)
  5. Belly Bump App – this one can compile a series of photos from your pregnancy into a cool time lapse video!

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Labor and delivery apps (free contraction timers!)

  1. Full Term Contraction Timer App – this app is easy to use and perfect for timing contractions at home! (available for iOS and Android)
  2. Storky Contraction Timer – easy to use contraction timing app, allows you to share the monitoring overview via email which is pretty cool! There’s also some bonus tips and content to help you learn about contractions as they’re happening

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The best 3 baby name apps

Choosing a baby name can be tough you guys! Have you ever heard that quote about not realizing how many people you hate in this world until your try to name your baby, hah.

A baby name app can help a lot if you’re struggling because it puts the names in front of you. We actually chose my second baby’s name from a name list – and it wasn’t until after he was born! These apps work, y’all.

  1. Babyname: This is like Tinder for baby names! You and your partner both download the app and swipe right and left depending on if you like a name. The app will generate a list of names you both swiped right on
  2. Baby Names: This app has one of the most robust collections of names out there! Browse thousands of names and their meanings, look at different lists, and search by different filters to find the perfect name
  3. Nametrix: This baby name app gives you a cool info page for each name that includes the origin, pronunciation, popularity, similar names and tags. You can also look at lists for certain themes and name features

Pregnancy apps for dads-to-be & partners

Okay, why didn’t I know this was a thing? YOU GUYS these are great! I can see so many partners benefiting from these apps!

They give info for each week of pregnancy to help them bond with baby and better support you in pregnancy and birth.

Here are some of the top reviewed pregnancy apps for dads and partners:

  1. Daddy Up: Also known as the dad’s field guide to pregnancy, this app has a fun outdoors theme and a ton of great info about baby and mama. There are even built-in checklists to help him prepare – love it!
  2. Who’s Your Daddy: This pregnancy app for dad is super clean and streamlined. You’ll get daily tips, weekly updates, a timeline with key dates and milestones, and helpful tools like a contraction counter, hospital bag checklist, monthly to-do’s, and more
  3. ProDaddy: This app is targeted at first-time dads, and also has a clean interface. Each week you’ll get baby updates, weekly tips, and “Daddy Deep Dives” which gives you a feed of articles with more info on complex topics

Find a pregnancy app you LOVE!

As you can see there’s actually a TON of fun and helpful pregnancy apps out there that can support you during your 9 months.

Whether you’re looking for curated content, pregnancy fitness support, or a way to decorate those adorable bump shots – you’re covered.

Pregnancy? There’s an app for that.

Have a pregnancy app you can’t live without? Let’s keep this list going!!

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Liesel Teen, RN-BSN

Liesel Teen

BSN, RN, Practicing Labor and Delivery Nurse

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