C-Section Hospital Bag List: 30+ Items Recommended By Veteran C-Section Mamas!

Last Updated: January 25, 2024
Liesel Teen, RN-BSN

By Liesel Teen

BSN, RN, Practicing Labor and Delivery Nurse

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Hi Mama! Are you looking for a great C-section hospital bag list? If you are scheduled for a C-section you’ll still want to pack a well-prepared hospital bag!

Here is a GREAT list I compiled together of some items you may want to consider adding to your bag!

I put out a q&a box on my Instagram story asking you guys to give me C-section hospital bag recommendations YOU would tell other mamas to pack. 

These items are STRAIGHT from other moms, like you, who have had C-sections before.


There are some brilliant items on this list, thank you to EVERYONE who gave their recommendations!

Without further ado, here is the list of exactly what to pack in your hospital bag for a C-section!

Not having a C-section? I’ve got a packing list for you mamas, too!

C-Section hospital bag list

1. Cotton Robe

One mama said all she wore was this cotton robe the whole time she was in the hospital! A robe is a great idea, because it stays loose on your incision, and it’s easy access for breastfeeding!

2. Touch Night Light

A night light is a great idea for middle of the night feedings, those hospital lights are so dang bright!

3. Maternity Leggings/High-Waisted Pants

“Make sure you bring your maternity leggings with you!”

That’s what so many of you guys said! When you have a C-section, you’ll want to wear clothing that comes nowhere near your incision, so bringing your maternity pants to the hospital is a great idea!

These maternity leggings are a best seller on Amazon, if you need to stock up!

4. Extra Pillows (Including your own pillow from home)

One mama said, “Extra pillows because you’ll need extra support!”, and make sure you bring your own pillow from home too! Unfortunately, those hospital pillows aren’t that comfy, so having your own pillow will help you sleep a bit better!

One mama even recommended bringing a smaller pillow for JUST your incision, like this one.

5. Compression Band

Of ALLLLL the things you guys said, THIS was by far the most said! These compression bands are AMAZING after your C-section! They offer great benefits to you also such as increased healing, help with posture and back pain relief.

They also may be covered by your insurance, so make sure you check first before you purchase one!

6. Prenatal underwear (C-panties)- High Waisted Above Incision

Also a popular one! These high-waisted panties are similar to the mesh underwear you can snag from your hospital, but they work WAAAAY better and you can wash them.

Upspring C-panties are the most popular, however, one mama said Kindred Bravely’s C-section panties are life-saving!

7. Undies that go UNDER your incision

On the contrary, a few mamas recommended bringing underwear like these that go well BELOW your incision. Maybe pack a few of both, just in case you prefer one over the other!

8. Loose Fitting PJ’s and LOTS of comfy clothes such as nursing nightgowns, and a dress to leave the hospital

Some ladies said TIGHT others said LOOSE!

One mama said, “If I could give anyone advice about attire after having a C-section, bring a dress to leave the hospital! You don’t want any sort of apparel touching that incision!”

Some suggested nursing PJ’s:

Others said nursing nightgowns:

Or sweat pants:

9. Stool Softeners

Contrary to popular belief, C-section mommies still have bowel issues after delivery, just as vaginal delivery mamas do! In fact, you may have MORE trouble using the bathroom, because you’ve just gone through major abdominal surgery. Make sure you stock up on some stool softeners!

“Trust me, get alllll the COLACE” one mama said!

10. Adult Diapers

 No shame! These actually work BETTER than those ginormous pads!

11. Boppy or MyBrestfriend 

“A nursing pillow is a MUST! You do not what to be shuffling those hospital pillows around right after your surgery!” 

Whether it’s the Boppy, or the Mybrestfriend, I agree with this mama! A good quality nursing pillow is so important if you plan on breastfeeding!

12. Feminine Wipes

One mama suggested feminine wipes!

13. Slipper Socks

I’m with this mom! I brought these to the hospital after I had my son, and they were great! A big step up from the typical hospital non-skid socks they give out!

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14. Hair Ties, Headbands, Bobby Pins

 All the hair ties! Make sure you grab bobby pins, hair bands, headbands, or anything else you use to hold your hair back!

One mom even suggested a good tip: “Braid your hair before surgery (if it’s long enough), that way it stays out of the way!”

Good tip!!

15. Queeze Ease

 Post-op complications can include nausea! One mom suggested this aromatic inhaler because it helped her nausea after surgery!

16. Slip-on shoes (Flip Flops)

 Flip Flops are definitely a good grab, because the LAST thing you want to do is bend over and put on shoes! Bonus points for flip flops if they are plastic, because you can use them in the shower too!

17. Grabber on a stick

 Well this is BRILLIANT! One mama mentioned that she brought this grabber-on-a-stick, so she could grab things from her bedside table, or from across the room, without bending her stomach too much! Smart!!

18. Ice pack/Heating Pad

 Ice packs for the incision, and a heating pad for your back!

c section recovery tip infographic

Learn how to make your own padsicles before birth!

19. Giant cup with a straw & lid

 Bubba cups are my fave! Don’t think that just because you aren’t pregnant anymore, your water intake goes out the window, you’ll likely be even more thirsty, drink up!

20. Extra long phone charger

 Yep, an extra long phone charger is clutch! There are usually outlets right behind your hospital bed, but you’ll want an extra long one to make sure you can charge your phone and use it at the same time, on any side of your bed!

21. Portable Charger

 Additionally, a portable charger may be a good idea to bring too!

22. Compression socks

 Just because your pregnancy is over, doesn’t mean your swelling goes away immediately. Make sure you pack your pregnancy compression socks with you! (These also may be covered by your insurance too!)

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23. Toiletries including face wipes, dry shampoo, handheld mirror, chapstick…

 Whatever you need to feel fresh and clean, pack it! I was a big fan of dry shampoo, because I did NOT want to mess with washing my hair at the hospital. Pack alllll the chapstick too! Hospitals have a tendency to have super dry air!

“A handheld mirror is nice too!” One mama said, “That way you can fix your face while you are laying in bed.

24. Pads to place in between incision and undies

Pads, but not for the reason you think! One mom suggested, “Make sure you bring/obtain extra pads to place in between your incision and your underwear. That way you have extra cushion!”


25. Support people and HELP!

I think this one goes without much explanation! Make sure you have lots of help, even while you are still at the hospital! It’s going to be pretty hard to get out of bed, so you’ll need all the extra help you can get!

c section recovery infographic

26. Peppermint Tea

 “Peppermint Tea was the BEST once I was allowed to drink clear fluids again after my surgery!” I agree with this mom, peppermint tea ROCKS! If you’ve never tried it, it can help with IBS and other inflammatory ailments in your body….hmm so maybe just the perfect thing after having surgery! 

Also a big fan of any sort of warm liquid post-op, that will help get your bowels going again!

*Note, just make sure you don’t drink TOOOO much if you’re breastfeeding, as peppermint has been linked to decreased milk supply*

27. Gas pills

Going along with Colace (stool softeners), gas pills are awesome to have on hand too! Post-op gas can be some of the WORST pain, and you’ll want to be prepared by taking some Gas-X if you start to feel symptoms come on!

28. Snacks!

Snacks on, snacks on, SNACKS! Hospital food is better than it used to be, but I’m always a fan of packing my own snacks for delivery! You’ll be able to eat again a few hours after surgery (in most cases) and you’ll likely be starving! 

29. Cough Drops

 This mama’s got the right idea! Coughing is NOT fun if you’ve just had abdominal surgery, so if even have the slightest cold/cough, make sure you pack cough drops so you don’t cough yourself silly!

30. Nipple cream

Yes! Motherlove has an amazing nipple cream, I still use this as lip balm (aka it lasts FOREVER)

31. Back Scratcher

 You guys are too good! HAH!!

I mean, I wouldn’t wanna reach way behind my back if I’ve just had surgery, one mama suggested a back scratcher!!

Now you know what to pack in your C-section hospital bag!

What a great list! Thank you again to all the ladies who gave all these helpful tips!

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Are you having a C-section, or have you had one? What would you add to this list? Leave me a comment!

Happy Delivery Day! 🙂

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Liesel Teen, RN-BSN

Liesel Teen

BSN, RN, Practicing Labor and Delivery Nurse

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