What is the Best Prenatal Fitness App? The Juna App!

Last Updated: February 16, 2024
Liesel Teen, RN-BSN

By Liesel Teen

BSN, RN, Practicing Labor and Delivery Nurse

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Hey Mamas! Looking for the best prenatal fitness app and pregnancy nutrition advice out there?

Today I’m writing all about a prenatal fitness app I’ve been familiar with for a LONG time! It’s called the Juna App & I personally used (and loved!) it throughout my entire second pregnancy and postpartum!

What’s more, the Juna App will cover all of your postpartum fitness and nutrition needs, too!

You guys know I’m alllll about staying healthy DURING and AFTER pregnancy, so when I found this app I, OF COURSE, needed to share it with you all!

So, read on, mama! I want to tell you all about why I love the Juna prenatal fitness app AND why postpartum and pregnancy workouts are so beneficial!

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Juna’s Story

Sarah, the founder, created this app for other moms because she struggled to find pregnancy workouts that were safe, yet still challenging enough to make her feel like she was staying fit during her pregnancies.

She also struggled to find the right foods to fuel her body & future baby she was growing in her belly!

Then, when she was postpartum, she struggled to find any fitness programs that weren’t centered around “getting your body back,” instead of rebuilding the core foundations the right way.

She struggled to find the right mix of foods that would help her recover, but also nourish her child properly. In short, she struggled.⁣ (so did I, let’s be honest, pregnancy is HARD on your body!) ⁣

She Wanted Better for All of YOU!

Sarah looked everywhere for a solution and came up empty-handed. It took a little encouragement from her husband, but she decided to create the perfect product she always wanted. She was very excited to announce her NEW baby — Juna — a prenatal fitness and nutrition app!

It pairs a ton of info and resources with a community of strong women going through the same journey you are.⁣ It comes with a Facebook group, too! She wanted a product for mamas and mamas-to-be that was JUST for them. Just for US. We deserve it!

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Juna: A Prenatal Fitness App Plus SO MUCH more!

There is a RIDICULOUS amount of content within this app, guys, and it’s ever-evolving! Seriously, every time I open it, it seems like there is a new added article or feature!

So what’s in this app? A LOT. I’ve personally read and watched through this entire program, and it is CHOCK full of awesome sauce.

Pregnancy Workouts

First, Juna tells you exactly what workout to do. It’s tailored exactly to what week of your pregnancy or postpartum journey you’re in.

You also always have full access to all of their workouts – just in case you want to do a different workout one day. I totally do this all the time, sometimes I take my rest-day on different days during the week!

There are full-body workout, lower body, upper body, & my personal fave – Barilates! 

Pregnancy Diet and Nutrition

Second, FOOD! I think we all know by now nutrition is the KEY to a healthy/fit body – during pregnancy & postpartum (and beyond!). Some argue it’s even more important than working out.

At Juna, their philosophy around nutrition isn’t to be overly prescriptive and tell you what to eat for every meal (thanks, because I HATE that hah!).

Rather, they give you the general do’s and don’ts, as well as provide a “food/nutrient of the week”. This will help you make sure you’re getting the nutrients you need for the healthiest possible pregnancy 🙂

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Postpartum workouts, too!

They have three 6-week postpartum phases (taking you all the way to 18 weeks postpartum!) filled with scientifically-backed nutritional recommendations, recipes, and daily exercises just for POSTPARTUM. I seriously LOVE this app so much!

Using a resource specifically designed for postpartum mamas is especially important if you are suffering from diastasis recti (a separation of your abdominal muscles after pregnancy) in order to heal correctly and prevent further damage to your core.

And you can jump into this subscription based app in a format that fits your needs! If you’re already postpartum and looking for the postpartum fitness aspect of the app, you can sign up month-by-month.

A Community of Pregnant and Postpartum Mamas

Having a sense of community to support you during your pregnancy and postpartum journey is SO important.

Seriously, having awesome content to turn to that generates meaningful discussion and connection (even virtually) is so valuable for a better pregnancy and postpartum experience.

That’s why I love that Juna is so much more than and awesome prenatal fitness app. It will give you high-quality information, workouts that work, nutrition tips, AND a community of likeminded mama!

Check Out the Juna Community

  • Go follow their Instagram @juna.moms (with over 70,000 followers!) – the content is awesome!
  • Listen to The Juna Women Podcast! This episode was an interview with yours truly!

Why Do I Need a Prenatal Fitness App? Let’s Chat Benefits of Working Out While Pregnant

So in the back of all our minds, we know that it’s important to work out for our overall health. But, for many of us (hello, me included!) working out just doesn’t take priority in our everyday life.

But let me tell you – if there’s ever a time in your life to start moving more and incorporating workouts into your daily routine – it’s now, while you’re pregnant! There are seriously SO many benefits to working out while pregnant.

And maybe that’s not you. Maybe you already do workout regularly! And that’s awesome. This prenatal fitness app is going to help you better tailor your workouts so you know you’re getting exactly what you body needs.

7 Benefits of Prenatal Fitness

  1. Shorter labor and delivery: This 2018 study showed that women who exercise during pregnancy will have a significantly shorter labor AND delivery than those don’t
  2. Higher chance of a natural birth: The same study showed a correlation between regular exercise during pregnancy to less epidural use during labor
  3. Keeps mood swings at bay and may decrease risk of PPD: Exercise releases feel-good endorphins that make you literally happier
  4. Boosts your energy: when you’re exhausted, it can be hard to get a work out in, but you WILL feel more energized if you can get yourself movin’
  5. Can help you meet your target weight gain: healthy weight gains are different for every mama, but exercise can help you keep your number in check
  6. Minimizes pregnancy discomforts: prenatal fitness helps with back, hip, and pelvic pain, leg and joint swelling, eases constipation, and can help you sleep better!
  7. Easier postpartum recovery: doing a fitness routine designed for pregnant mamas will help you strengthen your pelvic floor and core now for an easier recovery after birth

Check Out the Juna Prenatal Fitness App Today!

Mama, I know your gonna love this prenatal fitness app! It’s that – but SO MUCH MORE. I’m seriously so impressed with how much value the content, workouts, nutritional support, and community added to my pregnancy and postpartum journey.

It’s an app I’m excited to share with you because it’s an app I totally believe in.

So what are you waiting for? You can go check it out FOR FREE for 7 days, and then I scored you all a code for 25% off, just use code: LIESEL.

Happy working out, mama!

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Liesel Teen, RN-BSN

Liesel Teen

BSN, RN, Practicing Labor and Delivery Nurse

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