Mommy Knows Best Lactation Cookies: Gifts for Breastfeeding Moms

Last Updated: January 22, 2024
Liesel Teen, RN-BSN

By Liesel Teen

BSN, RN, Practicing Labor and Delivery Nurse

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Looking for a few gifts for breastfeeding moms in your life or looking to treat yourself? Want to learn more about Mommy Knows Best lactation cookies? You’re in the right place!

As a breastfeeding mom myself (who happened to struggle with low milk supply ALL throughout my first year of breastfeeding my little one)…I’m all too familiar with the stress that breastfeeding is when you are just starting out.

If you struggle with low milk supply like I did, breastfeeding can be downright upsetting…I can’t tell you how many nights I laid awake trying to do math in my head about “how many ounces did he take from me today?

It’s stressful!

My mom was always a GREAT support of helping to increase my milk supply naturally. She would buy me breast milk boosting foods, and bake me lactation cookies if I felt overwhelmed! (I love you Mom!)

So I wanted to put together a list of gifts for breastfeeding mamas with a focus on boosting supply! So whether the gift one to yourself (you deserve it!) or a breastfeeding mama in your life. Let’s share the love!

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Mommy Knows Best lactation cookies make the best gift!

If you’re looking for a GREAT gift for a breastfeeding mom you love, bake them some lactation cookies OR buy some already prepackaged!

Giving mama lactation cookies not only says “I support you breastfeeding!” it also says “Here are some cookies. I know you’re tired and you’re a great mom. You deserve cookies.”

The trouble with baking lactation cookies (the right way) is that you need all these WEIRD ingredients!

I had to buy blessed thistle on Amazon, go to a health food store for rolled oats and flaxseed, and ANOTHER health food store for Brewer’s yeast!

Geez! That’s a lot of work!

You would think a genius company would come up with some sort of mix out there that has all of these ingredients pre-mixed…right? So, you, as a new breastfeeding mom (or support person) wouldn’t have to drive all the way across town for all these weird ingredients that NO ONE already has in their pantry?

Mommy Knows Best lactation cookie mixes

There IS a genius company out there, and I’ve found them!

If you’re looking to bake a batch of lactation cookies OR buy some delicious prepackaged ones, check out Mommy Knows Best cookies!

And use code LIESEL10 to save 10% on any product!!

These lactation cookies are AWESOME because they have EVERYTHING you need…no driving to the health food store or ordering stuff from Amazon.

If you want the mix, all you need is:

  1. An oven
  2. An egg
  3. A stick of butter
  4. Some water
  5. A bag of lactation cookie mix!
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It’s super easy! Pre-heat your oven to 375 degrees, mix all ingredients together, and bake for 8-10 minutes! 

OR if you don’t want to bake cookies, you can buy them prepackaged! And they are SO YUMMY!

I encourage you to check them out if you’re looking for an easy gift for a breastfeeding mama in your life!

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More gift ideas for breastfeeding moms

In addition, Mommy Knows Best also has all-natural supplements to help boost milk supply!

(If you’re looking to go ABOVE AND BEYOND with your gift!)

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Cookies are awesome, but supplements are EVEN MORE AWESOME because sometimes we need the ingredients in a supplement, but we can’t really bake them into a cookie…

(Baking some supplements at high temperatures changes the properties and they can become less effective)

That’s why its also important to try supplements if you find your milk supply isn’t what you want it to be (as directed by your doctor, of course).

Mommy Knows Best supply boosting supplements

Mommy Knows Best also has TWO amazing supplements for all your supplement-needs!

Their lactation supplements contain all natural herbal remedies, traditionally and effectively used for generations to treat low milk supply.

  • Their Blessed Thistle + Fenugreek is a powerful combo that helps to increase your milk supply when you’re feeling like you aren’t making enough.
  • And their Goat’s Rue helps to stimulate the growth of breast tissue, increase breast size, and create additional ducts for milk collection within your breasts.

I encourage you to check out Mommy Know’s Best and all their lovely breastfeeding resources!

Happy Milk Makin’, Mama!

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Liesel Teen, RN-BSN

Liesel Teen

BSN, RN, Practicing Labor and Delivery Nurse

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