Motif Luna Breast Pump Review: From an L&D Nurse and Breastfeeding Mama

Last Updated: January 24, 2024
Liesel Teen, RN-BSN

By Liesel Teen

BSN, RN, Practicing Labor and Delivery Nurse

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Hey there, mama! Whether you’re pregnant and researching breast pumps, or currently a pumping mama, this Motif Luna Breast Pump review is for you!

As a labor and delivery nurse, breastfeeding is a hot topic I discuss with my patients and with all of my lovely ladies over on Instagram. That’s why I’m making it my mission to use and review as many breast pumps as possible!

And today I’m sharing all the details about the Motif Luna breast pump! Here’s my Motif Luna breast pump review at a glance:

  • This is a solid, traditional style pump that has seriously strong suction, is quiet, gives me faster pumping-sessions, and is wireless to boot!
  • On the flipside, it’s a pump with a traditional milk collection system and tubing, so if totally discreet hands-free pumping is what you’re looking for – the Willow might be a better fit

But you know I’m not gonna leave you hanging there, right? Read on for my full Motif luna breast pump review. There’s a lot to love about this pump!

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The Motif Luna breast pump at a glance

My first impressions of the Motif Luna Breast Pump

Immediately I noticed how sleek and pretty the Motif Luna is after taking it out of the box.  The design is very simple and has only a few buttons!

This makes pumping a lot less complicated. There’s: mode, cycles, level, LED, and the power button. It also gives off an overall stylish appearance that was built for modern motherhood.  

It’s also very lightweightT The Luna Breast Pump is only 2 pounds! It is so easy to just stick this pump in your bag and take it wherever you need to go. It is built compact for mobility and easy pumping-on-the-go.

What’s included with your Motif Luna Breast Pump?

This is what is included in the package:

  • 24mm breast shields
  • Silicone valves
  • Backflow protectors
  • Tubing
  • Milk collection containers, caps, covers, and discs
  • Bottle nipples
  • Power adapter

Features of the Motif Luna breast pump

Here are some features this pump that makes pumping SO much easier:

  • Single or Double Pump – Pump how you want! If baby wants to nurse on one side while you pump on the other or if you want some double-pumping action, you are able to choose!
  • Closed System – This breast pump has a closed system! This means that it has a barrier between milk collection and the motor, preventing damage to your pump or even worse – contamination by bacteria/mold/viruses!
  • Auto Shut-Off – Turns off automatically after 30 minutes! I personally love this feature because whether I’m distracted with work or happen to doze-off mid-pump, I don’t have to worry about pumping longer than I need to be. Also, pumping more frequently throughout the day in shorter sessions can actually stimulate and build your milk supply!
  • Massage and Expression Mode – These modes provide full control and maximum comfort. They simulate let-down by mimicking your baby’s natural nursing pattern and expression milk from the breast with high efficiency!

What I love about the Motif Luna breast pump: 6 pros!

1. It’s SO easy to use

Sometimes all of the new mom toys and baby gear can be an absolute headache to set up – as if we don’t already have enough to deal with.

And when it comes to breast pump, some of them definitely do come with more of a learn curve than others. The Luna is SUPER user-friendly and one of the easiest pumps to get the hang of.

These are the steps to get started:

  • Plugin the power adapter to the pump
  • Connect the tubing to the backflow protectors and the pump
  • Attach those protectors to the breast shields
  • Attach the silicone valves to the bottom of the breast shields
  • Screw on the milk collection container

It’s pretty much a plug and play situation once you see where everything connects! You can see me go through all the parts and how to get started over in my pump review video on Instagram.

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2. The Motif Luna Breast Pump has serious suction and makes pumping fast

The Motif Luna has hospital-strength suction on the inside that allows mamas to pump more in less time! It’s clear that efficiency was important to the designers of this pump – and I LOVE it for that.

This suction makes my pumping sessions seriously fast. I can pump in 10-15 mins TOPS! Honestly, usually it’s about 10 mins unless I’m very very full.

Sometimes I do keep it on for longer to try and get a 2nd let down, but…if I do that, I usually get it fairly quickly, and again I’m only pumping 15-18 minutes then.

Remember, that this is my experience and you may need to pump longer than that. But from a design standpoint, this pump does have better suction than others on the market.

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3. It’s quiet & PERFECT for night pumping

One of my favorite features about the pump is how quiet it is! Most of us mamas know how loud and annoying some pumps can be. This pump sounds much more like a purring sound than an electronic or printer-type sound that so many breast pumps make.

Which brings up the point about night pumping – it’s quiet enough to not wake your sleeping baby! So no need to drag yourself to another room if night pumping is your reality right now.

It also includes a built-in LED night light with three different settings for those late-night pumping sessions and a backlit LCD screen. This screen makes it SO much easier on your eyes to read at any time of day.

Exclusive pumpers out there, this breast pump is CALLING YOUR NAME. I know waking up in the night to pump is the worst. But this pump makes it possible to do it in bed without waking baby.

4. It’s covered by insurance and totally affordable

The Motif Luna Breast Pump is fully covered by health insurance! How cool is that? The Affordable Care Act now requires health insurance plans to cover breastfeeding supplies and support.

To make it even easier to get it through insurance, you can use this form on the Aeroflow website. All you do is put in your insurance info and select the pump you want, and they take care of the rest!

So easy to get your fully covered pump sent right to your door!

5. The Motif Luna breast pump is wireless and has a great battery life

And by wireless I mean yup – it’s battery powered! No plugging this bad boy into the wall and planning your pumping sessions where you know you’ll have easy access to an outlet.

Listen, it’s 2020, I have two kids…I feel like I wouldn’t consistently use a pump that WASN’T battery powered. With the Luna you can set up to pump wherever you want.

I love that I don’t have to mess with a tangle of cords and wires, and it even makes pumping at my desk so streamline and easy.

What’s more is that the battery power lasts and lasts! Seriously you guys, compared to other wireless pumps (like the Willow), this pump needs charging way less often.

I do want to make the distinction that this pump is wireless, but does still use a traditional milk collection system. This means you are connected to the actual pump via tubing.

If you want a truly cordless/tube-free/hands-free pump, go check out my review of the Willow breast pump.

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6. Replacing parts is easy (and cheap!)

Okay, so a lot of mamas don’t realize that you are supposed to replace your pump parts every 3-6 months for the pump to keep up optimal performance. This is especially true for mamas that pump a lot!

Those little duckbill valves are the number one part I want you to make sure you’re replacing regularly to keep up your supply output!

With other pumps, replacing parts is a serious added expense. The Luna’s pump parts are so, so affordable! You can grab a full set of replacement parts on Amazon for around ~$35. That’s so much cheaper than other brands!

These pump parts also seem to be universal meaning you have more choice when it comes to replacement parts. You’re not tied into a proprietary product parts where you have to get Luna branded replacement unless you want to.

Motif Luna breast pump review: Potential drawbacks

If you’ve read some of my other breast pump reviews or product reviews in general you know I like to get real with the cons. It’s important to me that you know exactly what you’re getting into before you get a product!

The thing about the Motif Luna is that it’s a seriously solid, traditional style pump! There aren’t any huge issues. But here are two things you should be aware of.

1. There’s no carrying handle

So this isn’t a huge deal, but if there was one thing I could change about this pump, it’s that I wish it had a carrying handle on the actual pump to make it a little easier to move around with. Other pumps on the market, for example The Spectra, has this.

One thing to help with this would be getting yourself a nice breast pump tote bag. I actually think every mama that regularly pumps away from the house should have one of these anyway!

2. The massage mode

The massage mode, also known as the stimulation mode, on the Motif Luna breast pump maxes out at 60 pulls per minute. This mode is designed to get your body to have a letdown and get the milk flowing. Other pumps, like the Spectra, have a max stimulation mode of up to 74 pulls per minute.

For me, this isn’t a problem for all because I letdown pretty quick in general and don’t have issues letting down for pumps. But for mamas that maybe don’t letdown for pumps as easily, this could be a drawback and you might do better with a pump with a faster stimulation mode.

The bottom line on the Motif Luna breast pump

This is a solid pump that I love using and whole-heartedly recommend! I love that it’s battery powered and has a charge that lasts and lasts.

The Luna makes it easy for me to pump wherever I want to – whether that’s sitting at my desk doing work or lounging on the couch. It’s very streamlined.

You can get this pump completely covered by insurance, and easily order it using the Aeroflow breast pump ordering form. All you do is put in your insurance info and select your pump, and they take care of everything.


And I’ll say it one more time – if you’re interested in seeing all of the pumps I’ve reviewed to help with your decision, go on over to the Instagram!

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BSN, RN, Practicing Labor and Delivery Nurse

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