Making a Second Baby Registry? Here’s What to Include!

Last Updated: March 7, 2024
Liesel Teen, RN-BSN

By Liesel Teen

BSN, RN, Practicing Labor and Delivery Nurse

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Making a second baby registry? Yep. It’s a thing! When I was pregnant with my second baby, I realized that there were actually a fair number of items I needed even though I had done this before.

As you know, with your first baby, there is a LOT to get, and fortunately a lot of those must-haves can be passed on to the babies that come after.

But there are some things that you’ll need to either replace or get seconds of when it’s time for another baby to join your family!

In this article, I’m going to share EXACTLY what to put on your second baby registry and mention some considerations to help you decide what YOU need this time around.

Last, I’ll touch on the idea of a baby sprinkle too! You know, a smaller second baby shower – they’re actually seriously growing in popularity these days. Let’s go!

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Second baby registry

What do I already have, and what do I need?

Alright, so before we get into the second baby registry must-haves, I want you to consider your unique situation to help you get the most out of this second registry.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • How many years apart will my kiddos be? Will I need duplicates of things like cribs, pack and plays, high chairs, etc.? This is especially important if they’re very close together
  • If my kids will have a larger age gap, are some of the items too outdated/past their expiration date to be re-used? Consider things like car seats, loungers, baby-wearing products, etc. And always check for recalls before use
  • Is my second baby a different gender? Does this affect my need for clothes or other items?
  • Will my second baby be born in a different season? Does this affect my need for clothes or other items?
  • What things did I donate or give to loved ones after my first baby stopped using them? Am I able to get them back, or do they need to be replaced?
  • Which items from my first can I definitely re-use without any concern?

Using this questionnaire, you can get a little list going! I broke it into three columns to start:

  • Things I have for baby number 2
  • Things I should check the expiration date/recalls on before using with baby number 2
  • Things I definitely need for baby number 2

You can do this digitally, like with a note on your phone – or in excel if you’re extra type-A, haha! Then, you can easily move items over to your “needs” list once you check things.

What to put on your second baby registry?

So every mama’s second baby registry will look a little bit different depending on the things we discussed above, but I wasn’t going to leave you hanging without a checklist!

There are definitely certain things that MOST mamas will need the second time around. So here’s a little second baby registry checklist to get you going.

Second (or upgraded) baby monitor

A lot of second-time moms will need a monitor for baby number two but still want to keep an eye on their first as well!

A monitor that lets you sync multiple cameras to one viewing device is perfect for this.

Infant Optics Video Baby Monitor is perfect for this – and can be synced with up to four different cameras. I love that it works on a closed-circuit instead of WiFi so that there are no concerns about hacking or data sharing.

If you already have this monitor and just want an add-on camera, you can find it here.

Second sound machine

If you already know the magic that sound machines have on baby sleep, then you know that a second one is a must! Seriously. White noise machines are absolute game changers when it comes to newborn sleep.

Not only do they drown out external noise, but white noise is really similar to what baby was used to hearing inside your belly!

Using a sound machine can help baby bridge between sleep cycles which promotes longer, independent sleep.

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Second set of furniture

Maybe obvious, but depending on your family’s situation, a second set of furniture might necessary if your firstborn is still using the furniture that was in their nursery.

Here are some things you might need:

  • Crib: I LOVE the idea of a convertible crib that becomes a toddler bed, and then a headboard for a double bed so that it grows with them
  • Changing table topper: Instead of a full-blown changing table, consider getting a topper that converts any dresser into a safe changing space. Then, when it’s no longer needed for that purpose, your little one has a dresser that grows with them. Be sure to choose one that screws into the back so that it’s nice and secure
  • Rocking chair/glider: Reading books before bed is still an important thing with my first, so a second rocking chair for the nursery was important for us. I couldn’t take the chair out of my first’s room quite yet
  • Bookshelf: Maybe not on everyone’s mind, but we LOVE picture books in my house, and I love the idea of each kiddo having their own collection of books in their rooms. So a second, kid-friendly bookshelf was important for us. These are a super cute way to store and display books with the cover facing out

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Car Seat

Okay, mama, this is the big one! Car seat safety is SUPER important. Please, please make sure to check the expiration date on your infant car seat or convertible car seat before using it a second time around.

Usually, the expiration is six years from when it was manufactured, and there should be a sticker right on the car seat that says when it expires.

If you already have a travel system that works with a stroller, you may only need to replace the car seat component.

Another idea is to get a convertible car seat that will grow with your baby. Are you noticing a trend here? I’m ALL about longevity the second time around, hah!

Car seat installation safety

Oh, and while we’re talking about car seats…I want to remind you about safely installing that car seat, too!

My friend Michelle over at Safe in the Seat, often shares the statistic that an estimated 95% of parents leave the hospital with their newborn baby unsafe in the car seat.

Her course, Building Your Car Seat Confidence, is the perfect way to learn how to install AND use your car seat as safely as possible.

Baby Registry Guide

Double Stroller

Depending on the age of your first, a double stroller might be a necessity! Especially if you live somewhere that’s very walkable, or have a lifestyle that uses a stroller often.

You’ve got a few different style choices here depending on the age of your kiddos:

Diapering must haves

No surprise here, am I right?? As a new mom, you can literally never have enough of a diaper and wipe stockpile ready to go.

This was actually the MAIN thing I asked for as a second-time mom. And when friends of mine are having second babies, a box of diapers is always something I bring them.

Do yourself a favor and register for sizes 1-3 to help build a little stockpile. The great thing about this NOT being your first rodeo is that you probably already have a diaper brand you love!

Pacifiers and Bottle Nipples

Definitely make sure to replace these things for baby number two! It’s just a good idea not to reuse these items. I would check the actual bottle as well, but in a lot of cases replacing the nipples is enough!

And, as a reminder, pacifiers and bottle nipples come in different sizes and flows, so be sure you’re starting out with options that are meant for newborns. Here are ones I use and love:

Health and hygiene items

This is another set of items that you definitely want to replace for baby number two, or things that you might need to restock on, because it’s been awhile!

  • Nose Frida: Each kid deserves their own dedicated booger sucker if you ask me, hah!
  • Rectal Thermometer: Same goes for this one
  • Infant Tylenol: Better to have it before the first cold or fever hits
  • Baby-friendly body wash and creams: There are lots of good options out there, but for the early weeks and months, I think something super gentle is really helpful – Tubby Todd was one of the only brands gentle enough for both of my baby’s sensitive, eczema-prone skin!

Baby carrier

If you had a baby carrier for your first, chances are you can use it again! Just be sure to check any recalls, and inspect the carrier for broken buckles and straps. And if it was a woven, or fabric-style carrier, check to see that it’s not TOO stretched out for use with a newborn.

And if you didn’t use a carrier often with your first baby, you are definitely going to want to have one this time around! Hands-free is even MORE clutch with multiple kiddos!

I loved having a soft, fabric carrier for around the house and in the early days, and then a really supportive, structured one for longer outings.

Wearable pump

Okay, I wouldn’t say that this is a HAVE to have it, but it is REALLY nice to have a totally wireless, wearable pump with your second baby. Finding the time to sit and pump while you’re attached to a wall was a serious challenge with my second baby.

I have tried and used a LOT of different pumps (you can find all of my reviews here) but there is no doubt that I used the Willow Pump most of all because it was just so dang convenient, and worked SO well at extracting milk.

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Backpack-style diaper bag

Sticking with the hands-free theme, a backpack diaper bag is really handy when you’ve got two kiddos to deal with!

You can fit so much inside, and all of the different pockets makes it so much less of a black hole, haha!

Restock breastfeeding essentials

If you are planning to breastfeed the second time around, there might be some essentials that you need to restock. Things like nipple cream, nursing pads, and some upgraded nursing bras are a definite must!

With my first baby I’ll be honest, I got the most budget nursing bras I could find, and they did. not. last. Treat yourself this time mama!

Kindred Bravely and Larken are hands down my two favorite nursing bra brands for comfort, durability, and ease of use.

You can also check out our complete list of breastfeeding essentials to see what else you need.

Postpartum supplies for you

In addition to breastfeeding essentials, make sure you’re stocked for your postpartum recovery!

That means you’ve got things like pads, witch hazel, a peri bottle, stool softener, all ready to go to aid in your recovery.

I’ve got a complete postpartum essential checklist that you can use!


As a second-time mom you know that mom/pregnancy brain, and the newborn fog, are all too real! There was so much I DIDN’T remember about birth and newborn care the second time around. And I was also surprised at just how different the challenges and obstacles were between my two kids.

I had the benefit of doing a LOT more education before my second baby and it helped a lot. Most specifically, I didn’t struggle with milk supply issues the second time around, and I 100% know that’s because of the online breastfeeding class I took. I actually understood how milk supply worked and set myself up for success in SUCH a better way.

What could you use educational support with?

So think about things you struggled with the first time, how can you lay a better foundation of knowledge for yourself? Here are some of the classes that might help! Only you know what you need.

  • Online Birth Class to help you achieve the birth you desire! Maybe that’s wanting to go unmedicated this time, achieve a VBAC, or get more prepared for an epidural birth
  • Newborn Sleep Class to help you lay a healthy foundation. If you guys don’t know about Taking Cara Babies, run don’t walk over there for the BEST newborn and baby sleep tips.
  • Feeding Littles Baby Led Weaning Class for when you’re ready to start solids with your little one (code AFFLIATE10 gets you $10 off)

Lots of support!

This might go without saying, but when your second baby arrives, you’re probably going to need a different kind of support. For me, that was mostly in getting help with my first, Walter!

Additionally, having people help out with meals, grocery shopping, laundry, and cleaning were absolute game-changers. I am so fortunate to live close to family that could help in this way. Hopefully, you can secure at least a few people to support you in these ways, too!

Should I make a registry for my second baby?

Now that I just shared all of the things to include on your second baby registry, let’s quickly touch on this ALL too common question. Should I make a second baby registry? In short, YES!

I, myself, actually debated not doing it, but SO many people reached out asking what I needed, and it only made sense to make a list of things I actually did NEED. And I encourage you to do the same, mama.

Your loved ones are going to want to get something for the baby anyway, so let it be things that will make life with a second baby a little easier!

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Let’s talk about Baby Sprinkles!

While we’re on the topic of second baby registries it only makes sense to touch on baby sprinkles! A baby sprinkle is basically a mini baby shower for second-time (+) mamas. The idea is that it’s fun to celebrate mama every time she’s pregnant and every baby!

I personally didn’t have a baby sprinkle with Ryland, but that was mostly because my third trimester was during COVID, and it just didn’t make sense. But I actually do LOVE the idea. Every pregnancy deserves a celebration ?

What are you putting on your second baby registry?

All right! There you have MY list of essentials for the second time around, but if you know me, you know I’m ALL about community input.

What should we add to the list? Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments below!

Baby Registry Guide
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Liesel Teen

BSN, RN, Practicing Labor and Delivery Nurse

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