The Only Freemie Collection Cups and Freemie Breast Pump Review You Need to Read!

Last Updated: January 23, 2024
Liesel Teen, RN-BSN

By Liesel Teen

BSN, RN, Practicing Labor and Delivery Nurse

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Looking For a comprehensive Freemie Breast Pump review? Look no further!

Alright GUYS! Plan on breastfeeding? Great! But guess what’s not so great….pumping!! I’m not saying it’s awful, but I think we all can agree that breastfeeding > pumping any day.

The reality is, if you plan on going back to work, you’ll need to build a relationship with your breast pump to maintain your milk supply.

I’ve tried a few different breast pumps, hands-free pumping bras, even this thing (which actually works pretty well, it just made me feel like a torture victim). But y’all… HANDS DOWN these take the cake.

So let’s get on with it. My FULL Freemie Collection Cups and Freemie Breast Pump review. Because you’re gonna thank me for putting these on your radar, I know it.

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What is the Freemie Breast Pump? What are Freemie Collection Cups?

Okay, so Freemie collection cups are actually just the flange/bottle part of a breast pump. That’s right. They can be used with any breast pump!

If you are somewhat familiar with an electric breast pump, these guys don’t do the actual pumping part. You’ll need to use your own electric breast pump, and they just hook up to the end of your tubing.

Freemie does sell a double electric pump that you can buy to go with the collection cups. But, if you’ve already got an electric breast pump (like I did), you can hook these up to your existing one. SWEET!

So yeah. Basically, turn any pump into a wearable pump? At the fraction of the cost of the Willow? Sign me up.

Okay, but the Willow does have its own set of perks which you can read about in my full review of the Willow breast pump.

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Let’s go over the Freemie Collection Cup parts

First up, there are only FOUR parts to clean per cup. Compared to some of the breast pumps out there, that’s actually pretty low.

1. The cup


This is the cup, and this is where the milk collects as you pump. It can be compared to the “bottle” part of a normal breast pump. Pretty standard.

Freemie states that each cup can collect up to 8 oz of breast milk per boob. For all you noobs out there, that’s a TON of milk. That means you can pump up to 16 oz in a session without overflowing.

I’ve never pumped near to that much milk in a single pumping session (my PR is 9.5 oz *first night he slept 10 hours straight*) , but I’m sure there are some of you over-suppliers out there who might overflow these guys every once in awhile.

If you are a super over-producer, and you consistently pump more than 12-16 oz in a single session, sorry, but these are probably not for you.

If you are a normal producer, slightly over-producer, or have issues with low supply (like me), these will work great for you!

Alright, let’s move on…

2. The breast funnel


This is the breast funnel, and this is the part your nipple goes into. It can be compared to the “flange” part of a normal breast pump.

Two different sizes come in the box when you order the product, 25mm and 28mm. You are able to order different sizes, if you have smaller or larger nipples. Although, most women will fit either a 25mm or a 28mm, which is why they come standard.

3. The tubing attachment


This is the tubing attachment thing (AKA I’m not really sure exactly what it’s called), and it does exactly what I’ve described it as. It’s where the end of the tubing that comes with the set fits into.

I would like to note, depending on which electric pump you have, your tubing ends might look different than mine. It fits on the end of the breast funnel like so:


4. Duckbill valve

This is the duckbill valve, and it is how the milk flows through into the cup. Unless you are a Medela girl, the valve looks and acts very similar to most breast pump valves.


It attaches to the bottom part of the tubing attachment thing like so:


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How do Freemies work?

It’s very easy, all you need is a semi stretchy bra and you are good-to-go. Once you’ve assembled the parts, you just pop these suckers into your bra, attach the tubing, and make milk! Hands free pumping! Woohoo!

I will say, while I have put these into my bra in public before, I do prefer to go behind a closed door, pull up my shirt and properly place them into my bra. If you’ve EVER pumped before, you know how important it is to make sure your nipple is properly placed into the flange, so as not to rub up against the sides (ouch).

After 15-20 minutes of HANDS FREE pumping, I go back behind a closed door or curtain, take them out and pour the milk into a bottle or milk storage bag.

I either then wash them if I have the time, or put them into a plastic bag and stick them in the fridge until my next HANDS FREE pumping session. You see I like using my hands…

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Freemie breast pump and Freemie collection cup benefits

1. Pump hands free with your shirt on!

If you know me, you know I am a labor and delivery nurse! Like many busy professionals out there, I found it difficult to find the time to pump. My co-workers were more than happy to accommodate me, but I personally felt bad leaving the floor every few hours.

I also HATED the anti-social factor of going and hiding by myself in a room for 20 minutes.

Well Freemies changed my routine. Guys, I pump at the nurse’s station. I can chart, and talk to my co-workers while I pump. I can do whatever I want with my shirt on while I pump! IT’S AWESOME!

You see, that is the freedom that Freemies collection cups have given me. I can pump hands free with my shirt on! No cover needed.

2. You can’t see how much you’re pumping as you go

I also love these guys for another reason…I have OUNCE ANXIETY. What is ounce anxiety? It’s when you keep looking down at your bottles every few minutes while you pump to see how much you’ve gotten.

I used to do this, and I believe it actually hindered my milk supply. I would stress about how much milk was in the bottom of my bottles, and every pumping mama knows stressing while you are pumping is no bueno.

Well thanks to my Freemie collection cups, I don’t have ounce anxiety anymore! I can’t see how much I’m getting while I’m pumping, so when I’m finished, it’s a surprise how much I get!

3. They fit any size breast

They also fit any size breast. You don’t have to have small or large boobs to wear ‘em. The size is corresponding to your nipple, not your bra cup size.

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4. They can be used with any pump

If you already have a breast pump that you’re familiar with and liking, you don’t have to replace it! While there is a full Freemie breast pump, you can also just opt for the collection cups.

In other words, make any breast pump hands free by adding Freemie collection cups to the ends of the tubing instead of using the collection system that came with your pump.

Most popular pumps do have battery packs to make them wireless, so keep that in mind. One benefit of the full Freemie breast pump is that it’s tiny and light weight making it awesome for discreet pumping.

The Motif Luna Breast Pump is another great choice for discreet pumping, especially during the night because it’s super quiet.

Are there any disadvantages to Freemies?

Yes, there are a few disadvantages with this system, but not many.

1. The Freemie collection cups aren’t totally clear

First off, the collection cups are not entirely clear, like a normal flange/bottle.  I would describe them as more opaque. This means it can sometimes be difficult to get proper nipple placement at first.

My best advice on this issue is that it’s just trial and error. I found that after a few hands free pumping sessions, I was able to feel if my nipple was correctly aligned. It’s somewhat of a learning curve. Once you’ve used them routinely, you get the hang of it.

2. You can’t do compressions while you pump as easily

Second, it is difficult to do breast compression/massage while you pump. If you are accustomed to doing this while you pump, these may not be for you. It can be done, but it’s hard.

3. You can definitely tell when they’re on

They are also….ehhem…not so discrete. Yes, you have your shirt on, but you kinda look like Madonna.

4. It might alter how much you pump (but I saw an increase!)

Lastly, I did read a few reviews on Amazon that some mamas were pumping less milk with Freemies than they were with a normal flange/bottle system.

Personally, I did not find this to be true. I actually found that the less amount of stress I was having while using my Freemies caused me to pump more.

5. They’re a little pricey, but most things that actually work are!

I am telling you guys, they are SO WORTH IT despite the cost. This is not a sponsored post, I just want to make sure mama know about this awesome hands-free option that totally save me!

These collection cups are so vital to any working mom. Honestly, even if you plan on being a stay at home mom, these will benefit you!

And exclusive pumper….meet your new best friend!! These were a complete game changer for one of my besties who exclusively pumped. She RAVES about them.

I LOVE my Freemie Breast Pump Collection Cups and know you will too!

Here are a list of places I’ve pumped with my shirt on while using my Freemies:

  • At work (duh)
  • In the car
  • Sitting on the couch with company around
  • At a wedding
  • At the airport
  • On an airplane
  • In a restaurant
  • In the back of a taxi cab

The places are endless! Seriously, as long as you are near an outlet, have a battery pack, or car charger for your pump, you can pump anywhere!

The money was waaaaay worth it for me, and trust me these will change your pumping life.

Tell me below in the comments if you have any experience using these babies! Here’s to keeping the milk-a-flowin’!

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Liesel Teen, RN-BSN

Liesel Teen

BSN, RN, Practicing Labor and Delivery Nurse

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