Fun Mother’s Day Gifts For Expectant Mothers!

Last Updated: May 8, 2023
Liesel Teen, RN-BSN

By Liesel Teen

BSN, RN, Practicing Labor and Delivery Nurse

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Looking for Mother’s Day gifts for expectant mothers? Seeing as I’m around preggo mamas a lot, I thought I’d put together a gift guide of what to get your pregnant friend/wife/sister/cousin/baby mama this upcoming holiday!

Mother’s Day gifts for expectant mothers can be tricky. There’s a whole lot of stuff out there for moms, but maybe not as many specifically for the moms-to-be.

Luckily, most pregnant women like gifts. And even if it’s something small, it’s really the thought that counts! Even if its just a card, it really says a lot.

For this list, we broke down the gift ideas into categories for you including:

  • Pregnant Life
  • Self-Care
  • All About Comfort
  • Knowledge and Education
  • Early Motherhood
  • Experience Gifts

Either jump to the category you think will fit your loved ones’ love language using the table of contents below, or browse the whole list and see if something catches your eye!

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My first Mother’s Day

I got pregnant with my first baby in May, so I actually didn’t get to experience a “pregnant” Mother’s Day until my second pregnancy!

My first was born in February, so I celebrated my first Mother’s Day when he was three months old. But, I figured I’d still kick this list off with what my husband gave me on my first Mother’s Day because it would make an awesome gift for a mama-to-be, especially if you’ve already chosen a name!

A sweet and simple initial necklace!

This idea can also be used as an inspiring jumping-off point for other initial or name-themed gifts for the pregnant mama in your life. So sweet! I totally love it, and still wear it frequently!

Here are a few other baby initial and name inspired options I love:

Stackable Name Rings

Name Vertical Bar Necklace

Sideways Initial Necklace

Alright, let me share the rest of my best pregnant mama gift ideas!

Mother’s Day gifts for the mama-to-be

As we were putting together this gift guide, we decided to break up gift ideas into different categories to help you choose a gift that will appeal best to the special mama in your life.

Not only are there specific gift ideas within each category, but you can think of the category itself as an idea for you to jump off!

Pregnant life gift ideas for Mother’s Day

1. The Belly Book

I had one of these books during my pregnancy and I HIGHLY recommend it! So fun to be able to write down what’s going on in your life every week, and I’ve looked back at it multiple times over the years.

2. Belly stickers

These are so fun for taking weekly or monthly bump pictures! This is an especially great gift for first trimester mamas, but really can work for any point in pregnancy!

3. Some cute pregnancy socks

Fun for home and to pack in her hospital bag! They’ve got lots of cute phrases – my favorites are the “Rub My Feet” ones.

And if you know the pregnant mama in your life is struggling with swelling, compression socks can actually help a lot! Might not be the sexiest gift ever, but when she feels that comfort she’ll be so grateful.

4. Belly buds

Did you know that they make headphones that play to your baby in utero?! This is certainly not a pregnancy must-have, but that’s exactly why it makes such a fun gift – especially for a mama that loves music.

5. Belly casting kit

I didn’t do one of these during my pregnancy, but I know they are actually pretty popular! Fair warning, they are messy, but this one comes with a floor cover.

6. Maternity leggings or joggers!

Most pregnant ladies love some leggings. Leggings > Pants any day. And these ones by Motherhood Maternity are THE best. Hands down. The pregnant mama in your life will be running back for a few more pairs after she tries these on.

And then on the jogger front – it’s gotta be the Kindred Bravely favorite maternity joggers. They are so soft, lightweight, and all-around amazing for the growing belly.

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7. A Pregnancy Planner

A lot of pregnant mamas feel overwhelmed with everything there is to do before baby arrives. I absolutely love recommending the Oh Baby Pregnancy Planner to help with this, and it makes the perfect gift for a first-time pregnant mom.

This planner is a digital product that you can print. For a gift, I recommend purchasing it and then getting it printed on nice paper at a local shop. You can put it into a binder and give her some cute pens to go with it!

The mama-to-be in your life will be so grateful!

8. A Bump Box

3rd Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box

This gift takes the guesswork out of what to get completely! Bump Boxes are a curated box full of little goodies and gifts to spoil the mama-to-be.

You can choose a box that matches her trimester and rest assured it will be full of the best of the best when it comes to products and treats that will help her feel comfortable, confident, and glowing!

9. A Sunflower Motherhood Box

Pregnancy Box

Sunflower Motherhood is another fabulous option for a curated box of gifts! They have a Morning Sickness Box that’s perfect for first trimester mamas, and then a general Pregnancy Box that would be great for any pregnant woman on Mother’s Day!

Get 15% off now through 5/7/23 with code: THANKSMOM

10. Pink Blush Maternity Clothing

Pink Blush Maternity Clothing was my go-to for my baby shower dresses and anytime I was looking for an elevated maternity look.

Treat the expectant mama in your life to a pretty spring or summer dress – she deserves it!

11. Ritual Prenatal Vitamin Subscription

Ritual Prenatal Vitamins are subscription-based vitamins that I personally used during my second pregnancy after I did a ton of research!

I know vitamins might not seem like the most conventional Mother’s Day gift, but I really do think a mama-to-be would appreciate this thoughtful idea!

12. Hatch Collection Maternity Clothing

For many expectant mamas, Hatch Collection maternity clothes are a big splurge. Their clothing is high-end, luxurious, and comfortable!

Treating the mama in your life to one of their pieces will be a very special gift!

Self-care gifts for expectant mothers

1. Belly Butter

This is my absolute FAVORITE stretch mark cream! Burt’s Bees has a really great line of pregnancy skincare products, and their belly butter was by far my favorite.

The scent is also not too in-your-face unlike some lotions with cocoa butter. Motherlove also has a nice scent, and Mother’s Special Blend is really great too if you like something a bit more oil based.

2. Essential oil bath bombs with scented candles

This is the perfect gift set for a relaxing bath with the added ambiance of scented candles. I love that these bath bombs are made with essential oils and know they will help the mama in your life de-stress!

3. Deep sleep pillow spray

Insomnia is an all-too-common pregnancy symptom, and anything that can help her get some sleep will make a great gift! This pillow spray promotes sleep, relaxation, and relieves stress and anxiety.

Pair it with a pregnancy pillow or new high-quality pillow and some PJs to round out the gift!

4. Deep tissue massage gun

“Na, I don’t want a massage.” said no pregnant woman ever! But seriously – you could gift her a single prenatal massage gift card, or you could get her this massage gun and bring deep tissue massage into her life for all her days!

This gift IS a bit of a splurge, but with 3,500 5-star reviews, it clearly works!

5. Earth Mama’s Pregnancy Collection

This is a little box of heaven on earth for a pregnant mama. Their words say it best,

“This bundle of self-care essentials is here to hold your hand through the tough weeks and ready to take on the world when the pregnancy glow kicks in. Mindfully crafted with clean, non-toxic ingredients to celebrate and comfort the entire journey.”

Use Code: MOMMYLABORNURSE for 15% off

All about comfort themed gift ideas

1. An insulated water bottle

Okay, pregnancy thirst is intense! And it doesn’t stop when baby arrives. And for some reason, so many pregnant and new mamas really crave ice-cold water!

Most mamas don’t want to splurge on a high-quality, insulated water bottle for themselves, but I promise you, they are going to LOVE having this!

2. Pregnancy pillow

A pregnancy pillow is one of those gifts that’s practical but also pampers the first-time mama-to-be! I honestly don’t know how I would have gotten any sleep without one.

Pregnancy insomnia + all the discomforts that come along with growing a tiny human can make sleep feel impossible. These pillows seriously help a lot!

3. Comfy, high-quality maternity/nursing bras

Your girl is going to love these awesome nursing bras! They’re SO comfy to wear during pregnancy, and amazing on the postpartum side, too.

Larken is a nursing bra brand that I absolutely love. They’re high quality and super comfortable. I recommend the Larken Essentials pack! It’s the perfect starter set for every pregnant mama.

Use Code: LIESEL10 for 10% off

5. Tempur-pedic Pillow

If you really want to treat mama to the gift of comfort and sleep, a Tempur-Pedic pillow for her bed is a perfect choice! This is a splurge, but they last forever and really are the best of the best!

6. Maternity Pajamas/Loungewear

Okay, Kindred Bravely has the CUTEST maternity pajamas and loungewear around. What pregnant mama doesn’t want to feel cute and comfy?!

If you’re not sure what to get, check out their exclusive Mother’s Day Bundles – it makes gift-giving super easy!

Use Code: MLN20 for 20% off

7. Silk Sleep Mask

This is one of those things that most women won’t treat themselves to – but once you have a nice sleep masks – you can’t go back! I love this as an expectant Mother’s Day gift because sleep can be hard to come by during pregnancy.

What’s more – using a sleep mask during labor is one of my favorite tips because it helps mamas look within and drown out visual sensory stimuli while they are managing contractions.

8. Slippers

Some totally comfy, on-trend slippers are a great gift for the pregnant mama this Mother’s Day. Especially as those feet start to become more and more sore and swollen.

I love that these slippers are open-toe slides, so they’re not too hot for the summer months to come!

9. Pregnancy Pillow Wedge

For mamas who don’t like the size and feel of a full-blown pregnancy pillow (like the one above!) – a pregnancy pillow wedge is a great alternative.

This has a much slimmer profile, and basically, just gives your belly a little bit of support while you’re sleeping on your side. Enough to make a pretty big difference in sleep quality actually!

Give the gift of knowledge to the mama-to-be

1. Birth It Up: Online birth classes

Birth It Up Online Birth Class

Too many mamas skip out on childbirth education for a number of reasons. They don’t think it’s worthwhile, it’s too expensive, or they don’t have room in their busy schedules.

Insert the online birth class! Give the gift of a birth class that they can take anywhere, at any time.

They will be SO grateful later. I know it will give them a better birth experience, and you can be the one to gift it to them 🙂

  • BIU: The Natural Series is here for mamas to learn exactly what they need to achieve their goal of an unmedicated birth – but still want education surrounding medical interventions just in case
  • BIU: The Epidural Series is perfect for mamas that already know they want an epidural, but want a deep dive into what that’s all about PLUS strategies to deal with labor pain before their epidural is placed
  • BIU: The C-Section Series is for mamas that are having a planned C-section and want to erase every ounce of the unknown and have a more positive mindset surrounding their unique birth experience

If you’re not sure which one to get, go with the Epidural Series and we can issue you a gift certificate for her to use on the class she prefers (details at checkout!)

2. Milkology: An online breastfeeding class

online breastfeeding class milkology

Breastfeeding education is often not on the mind of expectant mamas, but learning about breastfeeding before you’re in it can give you SUCH a leg up.

This is a great gift to pair with some loungewear or great maternity/nursing bras!

Get 33% off now through 5/14/23 with code: LOVE4MOM

3. Taking Cara Babies: Newborn sleep class

Will I Ever Sleep Again” is an online class for expectant and new parents to teach them how to lay healthy sleep foundations from day one!

The expectant mama in your life will be so grateful to learn about this before she’s in it, and have it as a reference when she’s in the throes of the newborn days!

Expectant mama gifts to use in early motherhood

1. Solly Baby Wrap

WRAP - Rising Sun

I tried a lot of different carriers and wraps after I had my second baby, and the Solly Wrap was my definite favorite for ease of use, security, and comfort. I also LOVE their neutral color palettes and designs.

I know I would be psyched to get one of these for a gift!

Get 10% off now through 5/15/23 with code: LABORNURSE10

2. Newton Baby Mattress

Waterproof Crib Mattress

Every single pregnant mama needs a mattress for their baby’s crib – this is a given. And I’m willing to bet that most of them would be genuinely excited to receive THIS one as a gift. Yes, even for Mother’s Day!

The Newton baby mattress is so great because it’s completely breathable, washable, and waterproof!

3. Happiest Baby Snoo

SNOO Smart Sleeper Bassinet

The Snoo is unlike any other bassinet because its design is based on the work of Dr. Harvey Karp. It has built-in features that mimic a womb-like environment to promote longer stretches of independent sleep.

This is a really generous gift that I KNOW every expectant mama will be so happy to have for the newborn days.

4. Tubby Todd Gift Set

Tubby Todd is the best of the best when it comes to newborn and baby skincare – but it is definitely a bit of a splurge. And like other things on this list, I think that’s why it makes for such a great gift! The scents are heavenly, and nothing clears up my newborn’s skin quite like Tubby Todd.

Pair it with the Tubby Todd Mama Bundle (nipple cream, hand cream, and belly oil) for the perfect Mother’s Day gift for the mama-to-be!

Wrapping up with experience gifts!

So far, I’ve shared a lot of different gifts you can wrap up and give. But there is nothing like a good experience or memory gift!

Here are a few ideas for pregnancy

  • A maternity photoshoot
  • A prenatal massage
  • A special dinner or brunch
  • A gift certificate to a nail salon for a pedicure and manicure

What will you choose as a Mother’s Day gift for the expectant mothers in your life?

You really can’t go wrong here! The fact that you’re even searching for gift ideas means you’re already on the right track. What’s most important is that mama feels loved and appreciated.

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Liesel Teen, RN-BSN

Liesel Teen

BSN, RN, Practicing Labor and Delivery Nurse

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