Let's Get This Labor Party Started!

You deserve peace of mind and education surrounding the induction of labor – whether that ends up being spontaneous or planned.

An online course that teaches about the natural and medical induction of labor.

Ready to Take a Deep Dive into Induction?

There’s a lot you can do to get labor going naturally, and if you’re one of the estimated 1 in 3 of women that needs to be induced, we’ve got your back, too!

  • Learn which natural ways to induce labor actually work
  • Find out what you can do to help labor start spontaneously
  • Discover exactly what to expect if you do need a medical induction

You don’t have to fumble in the dark or sort through the countless articles on Google as you try to get yourself to go into labor spontaneously or navigate your upcoming planned induction.

MLN Mini: Induction 101 will teach you the benefits of spontaneous labor, give you detailed info on over 20 ways to get labor going naturally, create a more positive association with planned induction, and teach you exactly what to expect if that’s what’s best for you!

Induction 101 is perfect for mamas who:

  • Want to understand the benefits of spontaneous labor
  • Wish they had an evidence-based resource for ALL the ways to get labor going naturally
  • Are ready to uncover the two most important aspects of spontaneous labor
  • Already know they have a planned induction
  • Desire a more positive association with their upcoming medical induction
  • Need to get TOTALLY prepared for their planned induction of labor

15 video-based lessons that will benefit EVERY mama that’s a candidate for vaginal birth.

We broke the course up into two main modules: The Natural Induction of Labor and The Medical Induction of Labor, so that you’re covered no matter how your labor gets going.

Part 1: The Natural Induction of Labor

  • Understand the benefits of spontaneous labor
  • Learn about how natural induction methods work
  • Get information about the role of baby’s position for spontaneous labor
  • Gain knowledge about your Bishop Score calculates your cervix’s readiness for labor
  • Access evidence-based information on over 20 natural induction methods
  • Get detailed information about positioning methods and movements that can help prepare your body and induce labor
  • Discover which food and drinks can help prepare your body and induce labor
  • Learn about supplements that can help prepare your body and induce labor
  • Find out which specialists are trained and able to help induce labor
  • Access a guide for when to use each of these methods, with some starting as early as the 2nd trimester!
  • Gain full understanding of which natural induction methods are most effective and should ONLY be used when you’re full term
  • Learn about what to do if none of these natural induction methods work
  • Part 2: The Medical Induction of Labor

  • Access a complete overview of the risks and benefits of planned induction
  • Understand exactly when planned inductions are used and why they might be safer for you and baby
  • Benefit from a positive mindset shift towards planned induction when it has been deemed the safest option for you and baby
  • Gain understanding of elective inductions and when they might be the right choice
  • Discover the questions to ask your provider to help you feel more confident ahead of your induction
  • Get thorough information and education on the various methods that are used for medical inductions, and which will probably be used for yours
  • Learn exactly what to expect if you are being induced with a complete, and detailed timeline!
  • Find out what you can do to prepare for your medical induction ahead of time
  • Understand exactly what to expect in terms of recovery after birth when you’ve had an induction
  • MLN Mini: Induction 101 includes:

    • 90+ Minutes of Video Content
    • Live demonstrations and visuals to aid in your learning
    • How to prepare your body for spontaneous labor
    • Evidence-based info on 20+ natural methods to induce labor
    • Comprehensive education on the medical induction of labor
    • Lifetime access with an immediate start


    All the answers about "MLN Mini: Induction 101"

    Will this class help me if I have a scheduled induction?

    Absolutely! This class walks you through exactly what to expect during your scheduled induction to erase all of the unknowns.

    Will this class help me if I don’t currently have an induction planned?

    Yes! This class is broken up into two main sections, and the first one is all about how to induce labor naturally. You’ll learn detailed info about over 20 different natural induction methods to help prepare your body for spontaneous labor.

    When is the best time to take this class?

    This class has around 90 minutes of video content – and has a lot of versatility on when you can take it!

    •It’s designed so that mamas that are suddenly facing an induction can get prepared fast.
    •It’s designed for mamas at the end of their pregnancy that reallllly want to try to get that baby out!
    •And it’s designed for mamas in their late second and early third trimesters that want to do everything they can to encourage spontaneous labor.

    Is this class helpful for avoiding a medical induction?

    This class will teach you all about over 20 natural induction methods to help you encourage spontaneous labor and possibly avoid a medical induction!

    What if I’m interested in more than one MLN class?

    Go check out the Mommy Labor Nurse All Access Pass! You’ll get instant access to all of our video courses plus other exclusive content.

    Does this class cover labor and delivery?

    Nope! This class is a deep dive into natural induction and the process of a medical induction of labor, but we don’t get into the actual birth! For that, you’ll want to check out one of the MLN Birth Classes.

    Does this class take the place of one of your other birth classes?

    No, this class only addresses natural and medical induction of labor. It doesn’t cover anything about the actual birth process, pain coping strategies, contractions, pushing, etc.

    What classes do you recommend to complement this one?

    This class is perfect to take along with one of our birth courses! Check out Birth It Up: The Natural Series and Birth It Up: The Epidural Series to learn more.

    How can I access the class?

    You can access this class on your phone, tablet, desktop, laptop, and/or smart TV. All Mommy Labor Nurse classes are housed in the online learning platform Teachable.

    How long will I have access to the class?

    After enrolling, you have unlimited, lifetime access to your class. This means that you can enroll at any point in your pregnancy and access (or revisit) the course whenever the timing is right! You can even access it again as you prepare for future births!

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